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Artificially intelligent player finder

Powered by the artificially intelligent Comparisonator Index, Recruitment Shop feature helps recruiters to find suitable players with one simple click from 271 competitions. Recruiters can search player profiles towards their needs by applying special filters with players’ important attributes. 

Search players according to their performance level

Search players towards their Comparisonator Index Points, with the ability to list players with selected age groups, passport countries, player value, height & contract information (end-date & loan details).

Combine searching categorical parameters with performance parameters including their general, offensive, defensive, passing or duel performance (more than 200 parameters) to scout desired players. 

Speed in early age player detection

This feature will especially empower decision-makers to discover convenient players at an early age. Combined with Similarity Comparison feature to find similar players, Comparisonator Platform is the perfect tool to support player recruitment.

With this new intelligent player finder tool, new generation recruiters could achieve otherwise impossible case studies in a record time. Below there are some sample cases of different investigation methods:

Sample Case 1 – Searching the Best U21 Target Man Centre Forwards in Croatia & Serbia Leagues

Very simply, detail the position imagined to discover players wanted; add amount of Goals by head, Aerial Duels Won, Shot Assists, Height (or any other parameters) to define expectations. Comparisonator Index Points listing will help to understand performance levels instantly…

Sample Case 2 – Finding Left Footed Centre-Backs Under 23

Comparisonator Index levels pinpoint the best CB’s with end of contract in the end of the 2021/2022 season. Add Succesful Passes to Final 3rd, Succesful Long Passes or Accurate Key Passes to filters and uncover defender maestros…

Sample Case 3 – Exploring Number 10’s in 2 Clicks in Top 5 European Leagues

Select position and tick the option Top 5 European Leagues on the menu, list all the number 10s in top European leagues from best performance down. Click on average index to list the players with their power, according to their age, contract dates, or which ever you select from parameters. List them towards their goals-assists or any other relevant data..

Who is Comparisonator

Comparisonator is a player recruitment & scouting tool to make a quick opinion on players. Virtual Transfer feature especially provides speed to decision makers by visualising player success in another country. Comparing same player to same player or to another player; match by match & season by season enables decision makers to understand the quality & continuity of the footballer inch by inch, again in seconds. The platforms’ user friendly interface empowers users to understand football data much better, much quicker, much easier; provides meaning to their decision making process.