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Comparisonator’s Benefits for Chief Scouts in Player Transfers


Transfer Benchmarking Analysis

Utilise artificial intelligence performance leveling to instantly assess your team's player benchmarks, facilitating a quick understanding of incoming players' suitability.

Player's League Fit Evaluation

Virtually transfer player data to your league for easy position-based comparisons, enabling a clear assessment of how they fit into your team and the league.

⁠Efficient Data Scouting

Prepare scouting reports by comparing potential players to their own performance and pitting them against players in your team using artificial intelligence's universal performance currency, factoring in league, team, and player weights.

⁠Player Search and Sorting

Search for players across any league and position, sorting them based on AI weights. Easily filter players by contract lengths and values, and produce detailed reports with a single click.

⁠Similar Player Identification

Describe the player you're looking for to match your team's mechanics, and let AI generate lists of players with a percentage resemblance to your criteria.

Your turn to make a move

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