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Comparisonator is a football data comparison tool to make better & more efficient decisions by comparing data in 100 parameters around the world in 271 leagues. 


Produce instant reports

Share & publish on fly


Virtually transfer a player

From one league to another

Visualize performance

Seasonally & weekly

Why you should use Comparisonator?

Why Coaches & Analysts should use Comparisonator?

Why Coaches & Analysts should use Player Comparisonator?
  • Compare the same player to same player, match by match, parameter by parameter in a flick of a second
  • Measure two different players to each other in the world more than 100 countries, more than 100 parameters
  • Asses players in each position, find out how they rate in offensive & defensive ranking tables
  • Share weekly KPI’s with your own players
  • Distribute best player’s data from other leagues (striker & full back etc) to your own players to set a benchmark
  • Utilize Virtually Transfer feature, place players from other leagues to your own league to understand performance ranking against all others in the league
Why Coaches & Analysts should use Team Comparisonator?
  • Automatically compare your team’s Last league match data versus other team’s average data; find out if your team lose ground or improve in each parameter
  • Daily dashboard graphically showing your team’s match averages versus other team’s average data; uncover total team progress
  • Identify your own match/es stats versus my own match/es stats; detect performance differences
  • Share your own match data versus other teams match data head to head; to prove a point of tactical changes
  • Fast track checking of achieved offensive, defensive, passing, duels, and recovery parameters against all others in the league

Why Sports Directors & Scouts should use Comparisonator?

Why Sports Directors & Scouts should use Player Comparisonator?
  • Track targeted player’s weekly performance KPI against seasonal KPI’s; scrutinize detailed performance movements
  • View player’s weekly actions automatically in “View Point”; easily interpret numbers & graphics into commentary
  • Target players anywhere in the world, bring them to your home country by using “Virtual Transfer” feature; examine possible performance by comparing rankings in more than 100 parameters in the same position
  • Analyze same player’s two different match/es & season/s to each other; measure differences
  • Study two different player’s match/es & season/s; make better & more accurate decisions to chose best
  • Inspect particular player’s weekly stats against his own seasonal averages with other players in the same position; while investigating one player-check on the others daily
Why Sports Directors & Scouts should use Team Comparisonator?
  • Compare your own team with your own team, match by match-season by season; define needs of the team
  • Examine other teams by matching your own team stats; try to identify better players for better outgoing transfers
  • Measure transferred players progress in your own team; measure your own transfer success
  • Check on the Team Parameters league tables; define best positional benchmarks for your own team

Why Player Agents should use Comparisonator?

Why player agents should use Player Comparisonator?
  • Ability to convince coaches and sports directors by comparing data of your own player to their current player
  • Show positive sides against negatives of the player by utilising extremely simple interface
  • Use Virtual Transfer Player button to transfer your player to another league feature, intelligently show your player’s benchmark rankings in another country
  • Manage player’s social media by selecting relevant improvement graphics against other players in particular position; Make public aware of your player’s best data
Why player agents should use Team Comparisonator?
  • Gather intelligence by investigating team dynamics in order to find better players to offer.
  • Select better players to represent by comparing seasonal team player data​
  • Prove point by comparing the clubs existing players to your players by sending seasonal comparison reports of the same player

Why Players should use Comparisonator?

Why players should use Player Comparisonator?
  • Have I passed my performance from last game to this game?
  • Am I better-performing from last season to this season
  • If I transfer to a different country, how would I progress in each performance criteria?
  • I can create my own social media content and can publish my statistically improved match parameters
Why players should use Team Comparisonator?
  • How are other players in my position in my team doing in data-wise?
  • How are other players in other teams doing against my performance
  • Easily see your own key performance indicators in particular match, see your rankings against others

Why Media Members should use Comparisonator?

Why media members should use Player Comparisonator?
  • Create comparative statistical content for website & social media for players
  • Easily spot & publish better performance in players in different parameters, different positions
  • Ability to compare player’s weekly performance against their own seasonal average parameters in PARAMETERS LEAGUE button
  • Compare a particular match or season performance of a player to himself or to another player parameter by parameter
  • Chose the best player weekly & seasonally in each position parameter
  • View, understand & commentate in positional player rankings in more than 100 parameters match by match, week by week
Why media members should use Team Comparisonator?
  • Compare two different teams side by side and view decrease & increase in each team parameter
  • Compare same team side by side and view decrease & increase in each parameter
  • Create different & interesting topics of discussion by utilizing PARAMETERS LEAGUE button to comfortably commentate on teams weekly performance against their own seasonal performance

What people say about Comparisonator



FIFA Agent / CEO

Global Football Service

Nicola Innocentin - Global Football Service

Comparisonator played a crucial role in Franck Ribery’s transfer to Fiorentina. Making Franck believe that he would be successful in Italy and to convince the club by sharing Comparisonator Virtual Transfer data made the transfer possible.


Chief Scout

SK Rapid Wien

Matthias Ringler - Global Football Service

Easy to use Comparisonator tool provides us an instant analysis of two different player’s matches & seasons comparison to make better & more accurate decisions in order to select best players to follow up & recruit.


Chief Editor
Marco Conterio - Tuttomercatoweb

Creating news content is very easy through Comparisonator platform. The platform allows us to effectively measure success possibilities of transfers to Italy; analyse players’ & coaches’ match performances week by week using amazing data comparison tools.


Former Assistant Coach

Beşiktaş JK

Recep Uçar - Beşiktaş JK

We have been able to instantly produce and view performance graphics of our own players match by match. Analysis staff shares player comparison graphics with footballers after each game while we also effectively analyse scouting department reports through Comparisonator.



Fortuna Sittard

Isitan Gun - Fortuna Sittard

Comparisonator platform brings our recruitment team a fantastic speed in order to evaluate transfer data & compare players instantly. On the other hand, our technical staff analyses weekly player & team performance to understand how our team is progressing.

Ömer Koray

Ömer Koray Uzun - Footalent Agency

Our agency is able to compare our own players’ weekly performance vs their seasonal performance through Comparisonator; create graphics & share with our players; also manage our social media by producing performance posts thanks to Comparisonator platform.


Sports Director

KV Mechelen

Tom Caluwé - Sports Director

Within our sporting cell we are always looking for new, innovative platforms that can give us extra insights in the field of recruitment. Using Comparisonator, we monitor the performance of our own players on a weekly, monthly & seasonal basis and compare potential transfers.


Chief Scout

KVC Westerlo

Niel Cuijvers - Chief Scout

Using comparisonator helps us analyzing our own squad’s performances in an objective way on a weekly basis. It’s also a very useful tool for our scouting department in the recruitment of possible new players. The data and graphics give us a clear picture and the virtual transfer tool is an ideal way to compare a player to the standards of our own league.

Nicola Innocentin

Global Sports Agency

Matthias Ringler

Chief Scout
Rapid Vienna

Marco Conterio

Chief Editor

Recep Uçar

Former Assistant Coach
Beşiktaş JK

Isitan Gun

Fortuna Sittard

Ömer Koray Uzun

Footalent Agency

Tom Caluwé

Sports Director
KV Mechelen

Niel Cuijvers

Chief Scout
KVC Westerlo

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نادي دالاس بدأ مؤخراً بإستعمال أداة جديدة في إكتشاف اللاعبين وهي آداة تقدمها شركة [ @Comparisonator ]
يقول أندريه زانوتا المدير التقني لنادي دالاس : إنها أداة مثيرة للإهتمام لأن يمكنك من خلالها مقارنة اللاعبين بإستخدام معايير مفصلة للغاية. إنها ليست أداة لنتخذ منه خلالها القرار

Welcoming @FCDallas to @Comparisonator family.Thanks to GM #andrezanotta for great reference

“It’s an interesting tool because comparing players using very detailed parameters. When we want to bring in a player, it helps us to see how’d he’d fit our team

🧿 @Comparisonator 🧿 Platform Welcomes Telekom Romania TV Channel

Telekom Romania will utilise #Comparisonator in their own football TV programs, live tv shows, using custom-made Comparisonator graphics for commentary.

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