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Comparisonator’s Benefits for Media Members in creating data-backed content


Back Your News & Articles with Objective Data

Your assistant in data backed articles about teams and players; publish comparison graphics for web & TV or YouTube programs instantly, add company logos and colours to personalise knowledge.

Create Content

Create comparative statistical content for website & social media for players & teams, instantly find out their best actions & rankings in one single click, share anywhere in seconds.

Detect Performance Fluctuations in Players & Teams

Compare players and teams weekly performance against their own seasonal average or to others to understand performance fluctuations, illustrate them by creating reports & graphics & ranking tables.

Transfer News & Content Formation

Understand team transfer benchmarks in order to explain easily understandable suitability analysis to your audience.

Universal Performance Currency

Analyse international player transfers by using a single performance currency with AI support, factoring in league and team quality to estimate their performance in teams

Player's League Fit Analysis:

Virtually transfer player data to your league for easy position-based comparisons, ensuring a clear understanding of their fit within a particular team and your league.

Your turn to make a move

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Share every bit of information with beautifully designed reports. Incorporate your own brand & impress others!