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Team Comparison

Compare teams all around the world on 400+ parameters.


Team and Player KPIs at a glance

Automatically view your teams’ last league match data against other teams in a graphical form, see your players’ league rankings at a glance

  • See Player Rankings at a Glance: See your players’ rankings in the league at a glance.
  • Team Performance Benchmarking: Compare your team’s latest match data and overall averages with league standards.
  • Visual Performance Trends: Easily grasp weekly performance fluctuations against league averages through intuitive diagrams.
  • Detailed Reporting & Sharing: View players’ minutes vs matches played and share all graphics in PDF form with players and coaches.


Compare a team to their own performance

Search and select team, select season, select particular match (or entire season) select the parameters you want to compare:

  • Match Self-Comparison: Analyze your team’s performance in different matches against each other.
  • Seasonal Self-Evaluation: Compare your team’s match performance with their own seasonal averages.
  • Elite Competition Analysis: Assess your team’s domestic league performance against their Champions League showings.
  • Progress Tracking & Report Sharing: Monitor your team’s progress over time and easily share findings in PDF reports.


Compare a team to other teams of your choice

Compare my match data to other teams; or compare multiple teams match by match; season by season. Search and find the team, select season, select competition, select match/matches, and select the parameters you want to compare;

  • Opposition Analysis: Compare your team’s match data against other teams’ specific match performances.
  • Benchmarking Against Averages: Assess your own match data against the average performance data of other teams.
  • Specialized Parameter Comparisons: Delve into detailed comparisons across offensive, defensive, passing, and duel parameters.
  • Insightful Reporting: Gain deep insights into your match data versus the opposition and export findings to PDF for analysis sessions.

Teams’ Parameters League

Glimpse on Teams’ Weekly progress vs Seasonal progress’ in a point table fashion

Compare weekly team rankings against seasonal rankings in different parameters, perfect point table view of weekly action totals and averages with other teams

  • Weekly Team Performance Tracking: Monitor selected teams’ weekly actions in a point table and compare with other teams.
  • Comprehensive Parameter Analysis: Observe increases or decreases across over 100 parameters, tracking team performance dynamics.
  • League Ranking Insights: View how teams rank weekly in various parameters compared to others in the league.
  • Detailed Reporting & Sharing: Generate visual reports of weekly and seasonal league rankings, and share them as PDFs with coaches, players, and sports directors.

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