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We are proud to announce that MLS team FC Dallas has renewed Comparisonator agreement and will continue utilizing our the Platform.

This is what FC Dallas Chief Soccer Officer & Technical Director Andre Zanotta said:
“It’s an interesting tool because you can compare players using very detailed parameters. It’s not a tool that makes the decision whether we’ll sign a player or not. It’s a tool that gives us more information to help us make the final decision.”

FC Dallas utilizes Comparisonator platform during  transfer windows, also viewing team performance on a daily basis; and also using the “Virtual Transfer” feature which allows users to move players’ stats in order to visualize potential player success. Sports Directors are able produce “Board Reports” very easily to provide performance knowledge to higher management inside the clubs.

About Comparisonator Platform:
Powered by an artificial intelligence machine learning engine, the Comparisonator platform leads the way of player & team comparison, covering 271 international football leagues with more than 500 parameters. Users have the ability to conduct weekly analysis of players’ & teams’ to instantly understand how they performed against themselves and other players and teams visually; instantly viewing their key performance indicators to understand performance; comparing same players/teams to same players/teams match by match & season by season; comparing players & teams to other players & teams match by match & season by season; comparing weekly performance vs league performance of players & teams including their ranking comparison; finding similar players via artificial intelligence, the platform also has the power to take any player to any other league in the world to view potential rankings & suitability. All visual graphics are produced & shared in less than 10 seconds. Rangers & Rapid Wien & Hacken & FC Dallas & Besiktas are just some of the teams that utilise the Comparisonator platform. The scouting & data analysis tool is used by more than 60 teams & player agencies & international media organisations from around the world on 5 continents.