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We are proud to welcome 2021-22 Turkish Super League Champion Trabzonspor to the Comparisonator platform.

Trabzonspor will utilize Comparisonator football data comparison platform for player recruitment & scouting.

Comparisonator is possibly the fastest vehicle in order to make the million dollar decision within the quickest time. “Virtual Transfer” feature especially provides massive amount of speed to decision maker by visualising player success in another country.

Comparing same player to same player & or to another player; match by match & season by season enables decision makers to understand the quality & continuity of the footballer inch by inch, again in seconds.

The platforms’ user friendly interface empowers users to understand football data much better, much quicker, much easier; provides meaning to their decision making process.

Isn’t that great to understand & analyse football data without being a data scientist but to even understand data scientists better?

Comparisonator will make you understand all football data better & faster, and will guide you to make the best decisions in a very short time.