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In Colombia’s Primera A, Comparisonator platform has identified three promising U23 players who are making waves in their respective positions. Elan Ricardo from La Equidad, Juan Cordoba from Deportivo Cali, and Gendry Cuervo from Envigado are catching the attention of fans and scouts alike with their standout performances.

These three U23 players exemplify the talent and potential present in Colombia’s Primera A. With their standout performances and contributions to their teams, Elan Ricardo, Juan Cordoba, and Gendry Cuervo are undoubtedly players to watch in the Colombian football scene, promising exciting developments in the league’s future.

Élan Ricardo (DMF) – La Equidad

Elan Ricardo, representing La Equidad, showcases his versatility as a dynamic defensive midfielder. Leading in shots on target and ranking second in expected goals, he demonstrates his ability to contribute offensively while maintaining his defensive duties. His presence in midfield adds depth to La Equidad’s lineup.

Juan Córdoba (RW) – Deportivo Cali

Juan Cordoba, donning the colors of Deportivo Cali, shines as a prolific right winger. Leading in goals and ball carrying, and ranking second in shots on target, he proves to be a potent attacking threat for his team. His ability to find the back of the net and drive forward adds an edge to Deportivo Cali’s offensive play.

Gendry Cuervo (RB) – Envigado

Gendry Cuervo, hailing from Envigado, stands out as an attacking right-back, contributing significantly to his team’s attacking endeavors. Ranking second in shots and smart passes, and third in expected assists, he showcases his ability to join the attack and create scoring opportunities from the flank. His dynamic style of play adds width and creativity to Envigado’s gameplay.

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Kemal Taş

Football enthusiast and editor @ Comparisonator.