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In the Belgium Challenger Pro league, a new generation of talented U23 players is making its mark, identified by Comparisonator platform for their exceptional performances across various key parameters. From midfield maestros to defensive stalwarts, these young prospects are shaping the future of Belgian football. Let’s delve into the standout performers in five crucial categories and explore their impact on the league.

These standout U23 players in the Belgium Challenger Pro league not only demonstrate individual brilliance but also contribute significantly to their team’s success. Their performances underscore the depth of talent and potential within Belgian football, promising an exciting future for the sport in the country.

Our team of recruitment analysts dived into Belgium Challenger Pro current season, selected 5 different parameters, listed top 5 leaders in each parameter category:

  • Key Passes
  • Progressive Runs
  • Counterpressing Recoveries
  • Touches in Box
  • Clearances


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For example decision makers will can list all U21 best centre forwards (or any positions) in Croatia & Serbia (or from 275 competitions), add amount of goals, aerial duels won if looking for a target man from the filter section, or dribbles made if looking for forwards. Very simply detail the position to search to find suitable players.

Best Players of Belgium Challenger Pro in Selected Parameters

The best 5 players ranked in the selected parameters based on the matches played so far this season. These players ranked according to their per 90 min averages. In this analysis, Comparisonator team used the Recruitment Shop feature of the Platform.

Please note that all numbers are per 90 min data from the 2023/24 Season So Far.

Key Passes

Kamiel Van De Perre leads the midfielders with 0.6 key passes per 90 minutes, showcasing his creative vision and ability to unlock opposition defenses. Following closely are Ryan Merlen, Alejandro Granados, Jay-Dee Geusens, and I. Sory Bangoura, each contributing significantly to their team’s attacking play.

Progressive Runs

Adnane Abid tops the list of U23 wingers with an impressive average of 5.98 progressive runs per 90 minutes, demonstrating his dynamism and ability to drive the team forward. Maïdine Douane, Abdoulaye Traore, Juho Talvitie, and Zalan Vancsa also feature prominently, providing width and penetration in the final third.

Counterpressing Recoveries

Joel Bagan leads the charge among U23 fullbacks with 4.22 counterpressing recoveries per 90 minutes, showcasing his defensive awareness and tenacity to regain possession quickly. Noah Dodeigne, Joaquin Seys, Sam De Grand, and Braian Aguirre also excel in this aspect, offering defensive solidity to their teams.

Touches in Box

Robbie Ure stands out among U23 strikers with an impressive average of 5.17 touches in the box per 90 minutes, highlighting his ability to position himself effectively in goal-scoring positions. Victory Beniangba, Pape Moussa Fall, S. Ingi Sigurdarson, and Victor Barbera follow closely, posing constant threats to opposing defenses.


In the heart of defense, Daan Dierckx leads the U23 centre-backs with 4.33 clearances per 90 minutes, showcasing his aerial prowess and defensive reliability. Amando Lapage, Santiago Nunez, Levi Malungu, and Ismaël Baouf provide formidable defensive barriers, ensuring resilience and solidity at the back for their respective teams.

Selected via Comparisonator machine learning index.
Data Comparisons provided by Comparisonator is for educational purposes only and not intended to be monetized.

Kemal Taş

Football enthusiast and editor @ Comparisonator.