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Fenerbahce defeated Adana Demirspor 4-2 in the 3rd week of Spor Toto Super League and managed to close the week as the leader. Finally, the yellow-dark blue team, which was in the leadership seat in the 8th week of the last season, found itself in the top step of the league exactly 33 weeks later. Fenerbahce drew attention with the offensive statistics it caught in the first 3 matches it played, and was at the top of the list in many parameters.

Fenerbahce, which started the 2022-2023 season of the Super League with the password of absolute championship under the management of coach Jorge Jesus, became the team that started the preparations for the new season the earliest. The yellow-dark blue team, which opened the season early due to the Champions League 2nd Preliminary Round matches played with Dynamo Kyiv, started to give positive signals to its fans with the improvement it has shown every week, both physically and tactically. Playing their 8th official match under the management of Jorge Jesus, the yellow-dark blue team lost their only defeat in the overtime period by losing to Dynamo Kiev 2-1. Fenerbahce had the chance to get the score that will pass the round early in that match, especially with its performance in the first half hour, but could not evaluate it. The yellow-dark blue team started the season especially offensively in the Super League and took the leadership seat at the end of the 3rd weekend.


In his statement after the Kasımpaşa match played in the second week of the Super League, Jesus said, “I want my teams to be able to play in different systems,” and continues to try both player-based and systemic at the beginning of the season. Having tried his team in 4-4-2 and 3-4-3 systems, especially 4-1-3-2, since the beginning of the season, Jesus got the efficiency he wanted from his team, especially offensively, although not fully, in these systems.

System changes brought about changes in the positions of the players. Jesus, who tried Ferdi Kadıoğlu as both a right and left-back, Lincoln as a left wing, central midfielder and offensive midfielder, and Luan Peres as both a left-back and a central defender, will continue his attempts in the coming weeks as injured players gradually return to the team. is expected to do.


Jorge Jesus, emphasizing the intense tempo and the matches played once in 3 days in every statement he made, gave the chance to 27 players in 8 official matches, even though it was the beginning of the season. Hungarian defender Attila Szalai was the only player that the experienced technical man, who gave a chance in the first 11 of 3 games, even to Mauricio Lemos, who was expected to be sent from the team at the beginning of the season, could not give up in this process. The Hungarian player, who started in the top 11 in all 8 official matches, was followed by Diego Rossi, who played in 8 matches and had a chance in the first 11 in 6 of them.


Fenerbahçe, which played matches with 6 goals in the first 3 weeks of the Super League, scored 13 goals and conceded 5 goals in these matches, is well ahead of its rivals with its offensive performance. According to the data of Comparisonator, a football data comparison platform covering 271 different leagues and more than 100 parameters, the yellow-dark blue team ranks at the top in 8 of 13 offensive parameters, 2nd in 3, and 3rd in 1 of them. The 8 parameters in which Fenerbahçe is at the top of the Super League and the averages per game in the first 3 weeks are as follows;

Goals: 4.33

Asists: 3.33

Shots: 17.33

Successful dribbling: 22.33

Attacking Actions: 65

Successful Attacking Actions: 36.33

Successful Penalties: 0.67

Expected Goals (xG): 2.74


The yellow-dark blue team surpassed 8 of the top 10 teams in Europe’s top 10 leagues in the parameter of successful attack organization. According to Comparisonator’s data, Napoli is in the first place with an average of 39 per game at the top in the successful attack organization, including the 10 major leagues of Europe and the Turkish League. In Spain, the defending champion Real Madrid is at the top with an average of 37.5. Fenerbahçe is in the 3rd place in this parameter with 36.33. In this parameter, Bayern Munich with 30.67 in Germany, Wolverhampton with 29.33 in England, PSG with 33.33 in France, Ajax with 35.0 in Netherlands, Benfica with 30.5 in Portugal, Celtic with 28.5 in Scotland, 26.6 in Austria. With Altach, Standard Liege is in first place with 34.0 in Belgium.


Enner Valencia, who joined Fenerbahçe in August 2020 and started his third season in the yellow-dark blue team, made a stormy start to the league. The Ecuadorian player, who managed to score 6 goals in 3 matches in the league, topped the top scorer by far. The 32-year-old player, who scored 13 goals in his first and second seasons in the yellow-dark blue team, has already reached 6 goals despite being at the beginning of the season. While Enner Valencia is 3 weeks behind in the league, he ranks first among the strikers in terms of average shot on target as well as total goals; It ranks 2nd in average successful attacking actions and goal expectation.


According to Comparisonator data, the biggest weaknesses of Fenerbahçe, which is the team that lost the most balls in the league and made the fewest turnovers in their own half, in the last 3 weeks in the league, are the balls thrown behind the defense and the set ball weakness. Conceding 5 goals in 3 matches in the league, the yellow-dark blue team scored 3 goals in the Ümraniyespor match, 1 from the penalty and 2 from the corner organization. Fenerbahce conceded 2 goals, one of which was from a penalty, in the Adana Demirspor match. 2 penalties caused by the yellow-dark blue team came as a result of the balls thrown behind the defense. In Fenerbahce, which had difficulties in this regard, especially when Osayi-Samuel was not playing, the measures that coach Jorge Jesus will take in this situation and how useful these will be, will tell.


Fenerbahce Coach Jorge Jesus is facing a sweet problem starting this week. At the beginning of the season, the experienced coach, who could not use names such as Mert Hakan Yandaş, Serdar Aziz, İrfan Can Kahveci, Joao Pedro because of his injuries, increased his alternatives with the return of 3 of these players. Mert Hakan, İrfan Can and Pedro, who survived their injuries, took part in the Adana Demirspor match, while Mert Hakan played in an official match for the first time this season. With the injured players returning to the team one by one, it is a question of how Jesus will benefit from the players in the expanding rotation and whether he will continue to try the system.

On the other hand, 4 players in Fenerbahçe are currently injured. These names are; Serdar Aziz, Nazım Sangare, Bruma and Joshua King.