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We are proud to welcome SPE Sportsinvest Holding LTDA from Brazil. SPE Sportsinvest will be utilizing Comparisonator platform.

Player agent Alex Debiagi from SPE Sportsinvest: “Comparisonator is a valuable tool that makes it easy to analyze potential targets and make informed decisions with data-driven insights. We appreciate their excellent support, helping us get the most out of the platform. It’s flexible, allowing us to assess different criteria to explain player’s suitability to transfer decision-makers. Plus, we can create player and team analysis reports, complete with our logo and colors, in seconds. With the Comparisonator mobile app, engaging with data-oriented Chief Scouts and Sports Directors has become effortless, anywhere.

SPE Sportsinvest will utilize Comparisonator football data comparison platform for player recruitment & scouting.

SPE Sportsinvest will utilize Comparisonator platform during the transfer window, also viewing their players’ team performance on a daily basis. Comparisonator’s unique tools, “Virtual Transfer” and “Recruitment Shop” reports will help club’s decision-makers clearly notice potential players who are actually suitable for the team.

The platform’s user friendly interface empowers users to understand football data much better, much quicker, much easier; provides meaning to their decision making process.

Isn’t that great to understand & analyse football data without being a data scientist but to even understand data scientists better?

Comparisonator will make you understand all football data better & faster, and will guide you to make the best decisions in a very short time.

Who is SPE Sportsinvest?

Sports Invest supports athletes on their path to success. Their focus is on the careful growth and success of athletes’ careers. Experts in enhancing an athlete’s image, Sports Invest is great at improving and making the most of an athlete’s personal brand. With their deep knowledge in sports funding, they skillfully find and get what’s needed for sports projects and careers. SPE is excited about working together to help athletes reach higher levels of success and recognition.

Who is Comparisonator platform?

Comparisonator is an artificially Intelligent football data comparison platform with unique features such as:

– Virtual Transfer-visualising transfer success in another league,
– Recruitment Shop-which assists the club’s decision-makers in finding suitable players according to their needs;
– Similarity-allowing recruiters to source players who are similar to known players by themselves.

The platforms’ user-friendly interface empowers users to understand football data much better, much quicker, and much easier; provides meaning to their decision-making process.

Comparing the same player to the same player & or to another player, match by match & season by season enables decision-makers to understand the quality & continuity of the footballer inch by inch, in seconds.

Didem Dilmen

Director of Communications @ Comparisonator