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We are proud to announce that, one of the most prestigious teams from Japan’s J1 League, @Nagoya Grampus has chosen to adopt the Comparisonator platform for its operations.

Nagoya Grampus will be leveraging the advanced capabilities of the Comparisonator football data comparison platform, primarily for the enhancement of player recruitment and scouting strategies.

During the transfer periods, Nagoya Grampus will actively utilize the Comparisonator platform, not only for scouting potential transfers but also for monitoring their existing players’ performance on a regular basis. The platform’s innovative features, such as the “Virtual Transfer” and “Recruitment Shop” reports, are designed to assist the club’s decision-makers in identifying players who are truly a fit for their team’s unique requirements.

The platform boasts a user-friendly interface, making the comprehension of complex football data straightforward and efficient. This design enhances decision-making processes by providing meaningful insights in an accessible manner.

The great advantage of Comparisonator is that it allows individuals to deeply understand and analyze football data without needing the expertise of a data scientist, yet it also enhances the comprehension of those who are versed in data science.

Comparisonator is dedicated to helping users swiftly and effectively understand all aspects of football data, guiding them towards making optimal decisions in a minimal timeframe.

Who is Nagoya Grampus?

The illustrious Nagoya Grampus, a renowned Japanese football club, boasts a remarkable history marked by prestigious achievements, including securing the Emperor Cup twice and triumphing in the J1 League. Esteemed as one of the pioneering clubs that laid the foundation for the Japan Soccer League, Nagoya Grampus also holds the distinction of being a founding member of the J.League, which commenced in 1993. The club’s global recognition is further enhanced by its association with some of the most influential figures in football coaching, including the likes of Gordon Milne. Under the strategic guidance of Arsene Wenger, the team clinched the Emperor Cup, while their J1 League victory was orchestrated under the skilled leadership of Dragan Stojković. Nagoya Grampus’s legacy in the world of football is a testament to its enduring success and influential role in the sport.

Who is Comparisonator platform?

Comparisonator is an artificially Intelligent football data comparison platform with unique features such as:

– Virtual Transfer-visualising transfer success in another league,
– Recruitment Shop-which assists the club’s decision-makers in finding suitable players according to their needs;
– Similarity-allowing recruiters to source players who are similar to known players by themselves.

The platforms’ user-friendly interface empowers users to understand football data much better, much quicker, and much easier; provides meaning to their decision-making process.

Comparing the same player to the same player & or to another player, match by match & season by season enables decision-makers to understand the quality & continuity of the footballer inch by inch, in seconds.

Didem Dilmen

Director of Communications @ Comparisonator