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We’re excited to share some fantastic milestones with you from this past year. The Comparisonator family has grown significantly, with our user base increasing from 67 to 101. We’ve also improved our report export time, cutting it down from 10 seconds to just 5 seconds. Additionally, our social media coverage has expanded to reach 10 million impressions, marking a remarkable 185% improvement.

As we developed our new mobile app powered by artificial intelligence, we accomplished significant improvements in our production line, international media presence and sales & marketing as outlined below


New Users:
Achieved a 50% increase in new Comparisonator users, expanding our clientele from 67 to 101 in the global football community.

New Users by Country:
Expanded our global presence from 12 countries to 27 countries, establishing our presence across five continents.

Football Data Journal:
Recorded a significant 300% increase in the opening rate of our football content delivery to over 10,000 football professionals every fortnight, with the magazine opening rate soaring from 13% to 40% year-on-year.


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning:
Achieved up to 70% completion in integrating performance levels, marking significant progress after 36 months of development.

Report Production:
Improved download speed for performance reports by 50%, reducing it from 10 seconds to 5 seconds, ensuring a seamless report production process.

Parameter Coverage:
Expanded parameter coverage by an impressive 350%, increasing from 70 to 500 parameters, providing users with extensive analysis capabilities.


Mainstream Media:
Experienced a 40% increase in the number of published articles utilizing Comparisonator, with international news and articles rising from 1863 to 2608 across five continents.

Social Media:
Gained a 23% increase in international followers across Instagram, X, and LinkedIn, reaching a total of 60,000 international social media followers.

X (Twitter) Impressions:
Witnessed a remarkable 185% increase in international Twitter impressions across English, Turkish, and other languages, soaring from 3.5 million to 10 million impressions.

Didem Dilmen

Director of Communications @ย Comparisonator