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We are proud to announce that InterLex International signed a deal with Comparisonator to utilizing our the platform.

InterLex International will utilize Comparisonator football data comparison platform for player recruitment & scouting.

InterLex International agency will utilize Comparisonator platform during the transfer window, also viewing their players’ team performance on a daily basis. Comparisonator’s unique tools, “Virtual Transfer” and “Recruitment Shop” reports will help club’s decision-makers clearly notice potential players who are actually suitable for them.

InterLex International is representing various talented players from many different countries. Here are 3 selected players’ reports from Comparisonator platform

  • Ameen Al-Dakhil (’02) from Burnley, compares Dakhil’s seasonal averages to the averages of other CB players in defensive parameters
  • Logan Ndenbe (’00) from Sporting KC is compared against LB players in MLS in successful offensive passes parameter
  • Samuel Chukwueze (’99) from Milan is included in the parameters league graphic of the top 5 RW players in Italy Serie A.
Didem Dilmen

Director of Communications @ Comparisonator