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The Copa America 2024 has showcased a plethora of young talents across various positions, each making a significant impact with their respective national teams. Identified through rigorous statistical analysis by the Comparisonator platform, four standout U23 players have emerged as pivotal figures in their teams’ campaigns. From creative wingers to dynamic defenders, these players have not only impressed with their individual performances but have also contributed crucially to their teams’ strategies and successes on the field.

Rising Stars of Copa America 2024

Kendry Páez (’07 – RW – Independiente del Valle) – Ecuador

Hailing from Independiente del Valle and playing on the right wing (RW) for Ecuador, Kendry Páez has showcased remarkable skills in both offensive and defensive roles. His statistics highlight his proficiency in passing, defensive actions, successful long passes, and delivering passes into the final third. Páez’s dual ability to contribute defensively while also facilitating offensive transitions has been crucial for Ecuador, offering stability and creativity on the right flank that has troubled opposition defenses consistently.

Joao Grimaldo (’03 – LW – Sporting Cristal) – Peru

Joao Grimaldo, representing Peru and playing for Sporting Cristal, has been a standout on the left wing (LW). His statistical prowess reflects his effectiveness in attacking scenarios, ranking highly in dribbles completed, progressive runs, successful offensive actions, and successful crosses. Grimaldo’s ability to dribble past opponents and deliver accurate crosses has been instrumental in Peru’s offensive strategies, providing crucial support to their attacking endeavors throughout the tournament.

Kaheim Dixon (’04 – RW – Arnett Gardens) Jamaica

Kaheim Dixon, representing Jamaica and playing as a right winger (RW) for Arnett Gardens, has caught attention with his well-rounded contributions across various aspects of the game. His statistics demonstrate solid passing ability, effective shooting, consistent ball recoveries, and adeptness in receiving passes. Dixon’s versatility and work rate have provided Jamaica with a dynamic presence on the right wing, contributing both defensively and offensively to his team’s strategies in the Copa America 2024.

Maximiliano Araújo, plying his trade as a left back (LB) for Toluca and representing Uruguay, has stood out with his exceptional offensive capabilities from the defensive position. Leading the rankings for left backs in offensive actions and dribbles completed, Araújo has also shown his willingness to contribute to the attack with shots taken and key passes made. His ability to join the attack effectively while maintaining defensive solidity has been a valuable asset for Uruguay, making him a key player in their defensive structure and attacking transitions.

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