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In the crucible of France’s Ligue 2, where raw talent meets relentless competition, a cadre of U23 players has emerged as the cream of the crop, identified through the discerning lens of the Comparisonator platform. These players, hailing from diverse clubs across the league, showcase exceptional skills and statistics that set them apart as rising stars destined for greater heights in the world of football.

From the defensive solidity of Dembo Sylla to the creative flair of Nordine Kandil, the midfield mastery of Noe Lebreton, and the attacking prowess of Ousmane Camara, each player embodies the essence of youthful promise and potential within the confines of Ligue 2.

“Rising Star” 4 Best U23 Players France Ligue 2 2023/24 Season

Dembo Sylla (’02) (RB) – Rodez

Dembo Sylla, the right-back representing Rodez, stands out as a beacon of defensive excellence and attacking impetus. Topping the charts in progressive runs, successful dribbles, shots on target, and key passes within his position, Sylla epitomizes the modern full-back, adept at both stifling opposition attacks and instigating his team’s offensive endeavors. His ability to seamlessly transition from defense to attack makes him a valuable asset for Rodez and a player coveted by clubs seeking dynamic defensive contributions coupled with attacking threat from deep positions.

Nordine Kandil (’01) (LW) – Annecy

Nordine Kandil, donning the left-wing role for Annecy, emerges as a maestro of creativity and precision in the final third. Despite ranking second in successful crosses, his influence extends far beyond mere statistics, as evidenced by his pivotal role in orchestrating attacking movements. With an impressive tally of passes in the opposite half and expected assists, Kandil proves to be a linchpin in Annecy’s attacking schemes, adept at unlocking defenses and providing goal-scoring opportunities for his teammates. His flair and finesse on the wing mark him as a player destined for greater acclaim on the footballing stage.

Noe Lebreton (’04) (CMF) – Caen

Noe Lebreton, anchoring the midfield for Caen, exemplifies the quintessential modern midfielder, blending defensive solidity with astute playmaking abilities. Leading the league in pressing duels, ball recoveries, counterpressing recovery, and clearances within his position, Lebreton is a relentless presence in midfield, adept at breaking up opposition attacks and initiating swift transitions for his team. His commanding presence and tactical astuteness make him a linchpin in Caen’s midfield engine room, dictating the tempo of play and providing defensive stability while also contributing to offensive forays.

Ousmane Camara, spearheading the attack for Annecy as a center-forward, embodies the quintessential goal-scoring threat with his lethal combination of pace, power, and precision. Topping the charts in progressive runs, shots on target, ball recoveries, and successful dribbles within his position, Camara is a constant menace to opposing defenses, capable of turning defense into attack in the blink of an eye. His ability to both create space for himself and capitalize on scoring opportunities marks him as a potent offensive force and a player destined for greater accolades in the realm of football.

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Didem Dilmen

Director of Communications @ Comparisonator