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The Germany Bundesliga 3 is a league known for its competitive spirit and talent pool, where players showcase their skills across various facets of the game. Using data provided by the Comparisonator platform, we delve into the performances of standout individuals in five key parameters:

  • Shot Assists
  • Touches In Box
  • Ground Duels Won
  • Progressive Runs
  • Clearances

These metrics offer insights into the diverse abilities of players in creating opportunities, maintaining offensive presence, defensive prowess, and driving the game forward. Let’s explore the top performers in each category and analyze their contributions to their respective teams’ success in the Bundesliga 3.

Please note that all numbers are per 90 min data from the 2023-24 Season So Far.


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Shot Assists

Marc Lorenz leads the pack in Shot Assists, demonstrating his playmaking abilities with an impressive average of 3.34 per 90 minutes. His vision and precision in setting up goal-scoring opportunities make him a vital asset for his team. Following closely behind is Marvin Stefaniak, whose creative prowess on the field is evident with an average of 2.48 shot assists per 90 minutes. Together with other top performers like Jakob Lemmer, Benjamin Kanuric, and Eroll Zejnullahu, these players play a pivotal role in shaping attacking plays and increasing their team’s goal-scoring chances.

Touches in Box

In the realm of Touches In Box, Robin Meissner reigns supreme, showcasing his ability to penetrate deep into the opponent’s territory with an average of 5.74 touches per 90 minutes. His skill in infiltrating the box puts pressure on opposing defenses and creates scoring opportunities for his team. Simon Stehle and Joel Grodowski closely trail behind, highlighting their significance in maintaining offensive pressure and positioning themselves effectively in goal-scoring areas. With players like Meissner leading the charge, teams can capitalize on their attacking potential and maximize goal-scoring opportunities.

Ground Duels Won

The battle for supremacy in Ground Duels Won sees Guille Bueno emerge as the frontrunner, dominating the field with an average of 11.37 duels won per 90 minutes. His physical prowess and tactical acumen enable him to outmaneuver opponents and secure possession for his team. Accompanying Bueno are players like Leo Scienza, Luca Marseiler, Morris Schröter, and Caspar Jander, who showcase their tenacity and defensive prowess in winning crucial ground battles. Their ability to assert dominance in midfield battles provides a solid foundation for their teams to build upon defensively and launch effective counterattacks.

Progressive Runs

In the realm of Progressive Runs, R. Vollath leads the charge with an impressive average of 14.95 runs per 90 minutes, showcasing his ability to drive the game forward and break through opposing defensive lines. His dynamic style of play and ability to carry the ball into advanced areas pose a constant threat to opposing defenses. Supporting Vollath are players like Niklas Sauter, Markus Schwabl, Patrick Göbel, and Tobias Kraulich, who contribute significantly to their team’s attacking transitions and maintain momentum in the final third. Their knack for advancing the ball up the field adds a dimension of unpredictability to their team’s offensive strategies.


When it comes to Clearances, Raphael Schifferl leads the way with an average of 5.31 clearances per 90 minutes, showcasing his defensive reliability and ability to thwart opposing attacks. His commanding presence in the backline provides stability and assurance to his team’s defensive efforts. Joining Raphael Schifferl are players like Florian Ballas, Fabio Gruber, Michael Schultz, and Jannik Löhden, who demonstrate their defensive prowess and commitment to protecting their team’s goal. Their ability to neutralize threats and maintain defensive solidity is instrumental in ensuring their team’s success on the field.

Selected via Comparisonator machine learning index.
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Kemal Taş

Football enthusiast and editor @ Comparisonator.