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Group C of Euro 2024 promises a showcase of burgeoning talent, with the Comparisonator platform identifying four standout players poised to make an impact. From dynamic full-backs to midfield enforcers, each player brings a unique skill set and tactical awareness to their respective teams. As the tournament unfolds, these individuals will undoubtedly be under the spotlight as they strive to leave their mark on the continental stage. Let’s delve into the profiles of the four young players to watch in Group C as they aim to shine on the grand stage.

Denmark: Victor Kristiansen – LB – ‘02 – Bologna

Victor Kristiansen, operating as a left-back for Bologna, demonstrates his attacking prowess and defensive solidity with impressive league rankings. Leading in successful dribblings in the final third, Kristiansen showcases his ability to drive forward and create opportunities in advanced areas of the pitch. While ranking 2nd in successful offensive passes and received passes, his contributions to Bologna’s build-up play and ball retention are evident. Despite ranking 3rd in pressing duels, Kristiansen’s impact in both attack and defense makes him a key player for Bologna in Group C.

Serbia: Lazar Samardžić – LB – ‘02 – Udinese

Lazar Samardžić, plying his trade as a left-back for Udinese, brings creativity and set-piece expertise to his team’s arsenal. Leading in successful dribbling in the final third of the pitch, Samardžić exhibits his ability to beat opponents and create goal-scoring opportunities. Moreover, his proficiency in delivering free kicks and corner crosses to dangerous areas of the pitch further enhances Udinese’s attacking threat. While ranking 2nd in both free kicks and successful corner crosses, Samardžić’s contributions from dead-ball situations make him a player to watch out for in Group C.

Slovenia: Adrian Zeljkovic – DMF – ‘02 – Spartak Trnava

Adrian Zeljkovic anchors Spartak Trnava’s midfield with his tenacity and ability to disrupt opposition play. Leading in picking-ups in the opposition half and loose ball duels, Zeljkovic showcases his work rate and defensive instincts in regaining possession for his team. While ranking 2nd in touches in the box and received passes in the penalty area, his presence in both defensive and attacking phases of play makes him a vital cog in Spartak Trnava’s setup as they navigate through Group C.

Adam Wharton patrols the midfield for Crystal Palace with authority and efficiency, showcasing his defensive prowess and ability to break up opposition attacks. Leading in successful sliding tackles and dribbles won against opponents, Wharton exemplifies his ability to win back possession and initiate counterattacks. While ranking 2nd in third assists and duels won percentage, his contributions in both phases of the game make him a vital component of Crystal Palace’s midfield engine as they aim to make an impact in Group C.

Selected via Comparisonator machine learning index.
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Didem Dilmen

Director of Communications @ Comparisonator