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The 2023/24 season of the AFC Champions League has reached a thrilling juncture with the completion of the Group Stage Week 3, and three exceptional players have emerged as the best, identified by Comparisonator platform. These standout athletes have consistently outperformed their peers in key statistical categories, leaving an indelible mark on the tournament. Aleksandar Mitrovic, the Centre Forward for Al Hilal, has been a dominant force with his incredible goal-scoring ability and expected goals. Almoez Ali, the Left Winger also representing Al Hilal, has been a dynamic presence, consistently finding the target and creating opportunities. Mohammed Al-Burayk, the Left Back for Al Hilal, has been a key contributor in both defense and attack, providing assists and testing the opposition with on-target shots. In this article, we delve into the performances of these three remarkable players and their substantial impact on the 2023/24 AFC Champions League.

3 Best Players in AFC Champions League – 2023/24 Season Group Stage Week 3

Aleksandar Mitrovic – (CF) Al Hilal

Leading the line as a Centre Forward for Al Hilal, Aleksandar Mitrovic has been nothing short of prolific. His extraordinary Comparisonator Main Index score of 1318 reflects his overall dominance in the competition. Mitrovic leads the league in shots on target with an impressive 7 and expected goals with 2.04. His clinical finishing and ability to consistently find scoring positions make him a force to be reckoned with, and he has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in Al Hilal’s success in the AFC Champions League.

Almoez Ali – (LW) Al Duhail

Al Hilal’s Left Winger, Almoez Ali, has been a dynamic presence on the field. With a top-ranking Comparisonator Main Index score of 1017, Ali consistently tests opposing goalkeepers with 3 shots on target. Moreover, his ranking at the top for opportunities created (4) showcases his ability to create goal-scoring chances for his team. Ali’s ability to influence the game in the final third and his goal-scoring prowess have undoubtedly been instrumental in Al Hilal’s campaign.

Mohammed Al-Burayk – (LB) Al Hilal

Mohammed Al-Burayk, operating as a Left Back for Al Hilal, has showcased his versatility and impact in the competition. His impressive Comparisonator Main Index score of 944 reflects his overall contributions. Al-Burayk leads the league in assists with 2 and has also registered 2 shots on target. His ability to contribute both defensively and offensively has made him a key asset for Al Hilal, and his impact on the left flank has been pivotal for the team’s success.

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Kemal Taş

Football enthusiast and editor @ Comparisonator.