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In the AFC Champions League’s 2023/24 season quarter-final stage, three standout players identified by Comparisonator platform made significant impacts for their respective teams. Soufiane Rahimi of Al Ain, Ruben Neves from Al Hilal, and Yasser Al-Shahrani, also of Al Hilal, demonstrated exceptional skills and contributions in their positions, playing pivotal roles in their teams’ performances during this crucial phase of the tournament.

In the AFC Champions League’s 2023/24 season quarter-final stage, Soufiane Rahimi, Ruben Neves, and Yasser Al-Shahrani showcased exceptional skills and played pivotal roles in shaping their teams’ performances. Identified by Comparisonator platform, their contributions highlight their importance in the tournament and their significance in the competitive landscape of Asian football. As the tournament progresses, these players are poised to continue influencing their teams’ destiny and leave a lasting impact on the competition.

3 Best Players in AFC Champions League

2023 Season Quarter Final

Soufiane Rahimi – (CF) Al Ain

Leading the line for Al Ain, Soufiane Rahimi showcased his goal-scoring prowess with three goals, topping the rankings for goals and progressive runs among center forwards. Rahimi’s ability to create space and drive forward significantly bolstered Al Ain’s attacking threat, providing them with a potent offensive outlet.

Ruben Neves – (DMF) Al Hilal

In the heart of Al Hilal’s midfield, Ruben Neves proved instrumental in dictating the tempo of play and breaking down opposition defenses. Neves led in progressive runs and picking-ups among defensive midfielders, showcasing his ability to drive the team forward while also providing defensive stability when needed.

Yasser Al-Shahrani – (LB) Al Hilal

Al Hilal’s Yasser Al-Shahrani stood out as a defensive stalwart from the left-back position, leading in touches in the box, ball recoveries, and pass interceptions among left-backs. Al-Shahrani’s defensive contributions played a crucial role in thwarting opposition attacks and maintaining Al Hilal’s defensive solidity throughout the quarter-final matches.

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