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The AFC Champions League in 2023 has witnessed the emergence of outstanding talents who have left an indelible mark during the group stage, as identified by the advanced Comparisonator platform. Among the notable players, Cryzan from Shandong Taishan, a dynamic center forward, Moises, the central midfielder also from Shandong Taishan, and Ryutaro Tsunoda, the accomplished center-back representing Yokohama Marinos, have stood out with exceptional performances in their respective positions.

In the AFC Champions League’s 2023 season, Cryzan, Moises, and Ryutaro Tsunoda have proven to be standout performers, making significant contributions to their teams. Identified by the advanced Comparisonator platform, their individual brilliance and collective impact underscore their importance in the pursuit of success in the tournament. As the competition advances, the performances of these players will undoubtedly be key factors in determining the destiny of their respective teams in the AFC Champions League.

3 Best Players in AFC Champions League –

2023 Season Group Stage

Cryzan – (CF) Shandong Taishan

Shandong Taishan’s Cryzan has been a force to be reckoned with in the center forward position, leading with a Comparisonator Main Index of 496. Renowned for his skillful play, Cryzan tops the charts in successful dribbles (6.4 per match) and ranks second in goals (1.2 per match). His dynamic style and goal-scoring prowess have been crucial for Shandong Taishan’s success in the group stage.

Moises – (CMF) Shandong Taishan

Also from Shandong Taishan, Moises has proven to be a midfield maestro with a Comparisonator Main Index of 416. Operating in the central midfielder position, Moises leads in shot assists (3.5 per match) and ranks second in smart passes (1.75 per match). His ability to orchestrate the play and create goal-scoring opportunities has been instrumental in Shandong Taishan’s midfield dominance.

Ryotaro Tsunoda – (CB) Yokohama Marinos

Yokohama Marinos’ Ryutaro Tsunoda, a standout center-back, has exhibited a unique blend of defensive composure and playmaking skills. Tsunoda leads in successful progressive passes (18.33 per match) among center-backs and ranks second in both progressive runs (5.33 per match) and successful passes to the final third (16.33 per match). His contributions have been vital in Yokohama Marinos’ defensive stability and building attacks from the back.

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Kemal Taş

Football enthusiast and editor @ Comparisonator.