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In the dynamic landscape of Austrian football, the 2. Liga serves as a fertile ground for nurturing young talent, where promising players emerge to make their mark on the sport. Through the meticulous analysis provided by Comparisonator platform, four standout individuals have been identified for their exceptional performances in their respective positions. Arjan Malic showcases his defensive prowess as a center-back for Ried, while Soumaila Diabate of Liefering demonstrates his midfield mastery. Tim Trummer, also of Liefering, shines on the right wing with his defensive contributions, while Adam Daghim leads the line with his attacking instincts. These players, each excelling in their unique roles, embody the vibrancy and potential of Austrian youth football.

These four players epitomize the burgeoning talent within Austria’s 2. Liga, serving as beacons of promise for the nation’s footballing future, while also underlining the league’s status as a breeding ground for emerging stars.

4 Best U21 Players Austria 2. Liga – 2023/24 Season So Far

Arjan Malic – (CB) Ried

Arjan Malic, stationed at the heart of Ried’s defense, epitomizes solidity and composure in the backline. His statistics within the center-back realm paint a picture of dominance, with impressive rankings in various key metrics. Malic’s ability to successfully dribble out of pressure situations, coupled with his astute ball recoveries in the opponent’s half, underscores his versatility as a modern defender. Furthermore, his dominance in ground duels won showcases his physical presence and determination to nullify opposition threats, making him a formidable force in Ried’s defensive setup.

Soumaila Diabate – (DMF) Liefering

Soumaila Diabate, operating as a defensive midfielder for Liefering, emerges as a linchpin in midfield battles. His adeptness at interceptions stands out as a testament to his tactical acumen and reading of the game. Moreover, Diabate’s proficiency in ball recoveries in the opponent’s half reflects his relentless work rate and ability to disrupt opposition play. His successful passes to the final third and progressive runs signify his dual role as both a defensive shield and a catalyst for offensive transitions, making him a vital cog in Liefering’s midfield engine.

Tim Trummer – (RW) Liefering

Tim Trummer, deployed on the right wing for Liefering, showcases a blend of defensive diligence and attacking flair. Despite his role primarily focusing on the attacking aspect, Trummer’s defensive contributions are notable, as evidenced by his interceptions and clearances. His defensive ground duels won further highlight his commitment to tracking back and providing defensive support when required. Additionally, Trummer’s versatility to operate in both defensive and offensive phases adds a layer of depth to Liefering’s tactical approach, making him a valuable asset on the flank.

Adam Daghim – (CF) Liefering

Adam Daghim spearheads Liefering’s attacking endeavors with his prowess as a center forward. His statistics within the CF domain underscore his proficiency in the final third, with an impressive number of touches in the box and successful ball carrying. Daghim’s ability to initiate attacks and create goal-scoring opportunities is further highlighted by his significant ball recoveries in the opponent’s half. Moreover, his knack for delivering key passes demonstrates his vision and creativity, making him a potent threat in Liefering’s offensive arsenal.

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