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Comparisonator excels in converting numerical data into valuable insights for decision-makers to evaluate player capabilities effectively. The following are essential pointers for utilizing data in scouting players for transfers:

Player Profiling: This involves understanding a player’s identity, current performance, and historical performance benchmarks against themselves and peers. Comparisonator streamlines this with features like Me2Me, Me2Others, Viewpoint, and Virtual Transfer, enabling comprehensive profiling in just a few clicks. Analyze players against their past performances, across different seasons, competitions, positions, or specific matches with Me2Me. Me2Others allows comparison with peers or target players in similar positions, while Viewpoint assesses recent form and league standing. Virtual Transfer estimates potential performance in a new league.

Extended Application for Decision-Makers and Agents: The platform extends its utility to decision-makers and player agents, offering the same analytical tools. It also facilitates efficient presentation preparation with agency branding, saving time and allowing easy report sharing via mobile apps.

Transfer Value Assessment: Evaluating transfer fees and salaries becomes more data-driven using performance comparisons across offensive, defensive, passing, and dueling skills. A player’s market value and salary can be more accurately determined by their performance relative to peers.

Identifying Best or Suitable Transfers: Recognizing talented players early, especially in youth teams, is crucial. Comparisonator’s data-driven approach aids in discovering young prodigies through statistical analysis, leveraging their Recruitment Shop feature.

Comprehensive Player Comparison across 300 Parameters: Understanding player performance nuances is key in football. Different positions prioritize different tasks, making it essential to focus on varied parameters. The platform allows for detailed comparisons, such as evaluating a center-back’s goal-scoring abilities, aiding decision-makers in identifying specific talents based on their position and role requirements.

In summary, Comparisonator not only facilitates detailed player analysis through various features but also serves as a crucial tool for decision-makers and agents in the football transfer market, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of player evaluations.

Didem Dilmen

Director of Communications @ Comparisonator