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In the dynamic world of football, finding the right players for your team is a constant challenge. That’s where Comparisonator Football Data Comparison platform & mobile app comes in. In this article, we’ll explore the features of Comparisonator, a powerful platform designed to streamline player recruitment and help you make informed decisions in the world of football transfers. Choosing the right data analytics tools is a very important key to achieving success in football transfers.

1- What does Comparisonator Football Data Comparison Platform do?
Prepare and manage player portfolios, create instant, automatically generated advanced data reports to store and share with the sports directors, coaching staff, and scouts, and quickly communicate your conclusions with colleagues.
Use the “Comparisonator Mobile App” in live games to recognize player performance values everywhere and every time. Comparisonator Mobile App is the best football player and team comparison application for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.
Find suitable or similar players to understand player levels instantly via Artificial Intelligence football data player leveling index algorithms created by Comparisonator. Create filters from the parameters list of metrics to suit the role or position, with the minimums and maximums, and point to the top 10 best football players and rank them by Transfermarkt value.
Virtually Transfer players to your league to estimate the possible performance, using league weighting algorithms and analyze performance in more detail than 300 parameters to understand the level of the player and the other players in the league. See goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, wingers, and strikers levels in each league and compare target players to each other to understand their strong and weak parameters.
Identify player “KPIs” to interpret league, player, and team differences via our machine learning Comparisonator Index.
Compare rankings of players to notice performance fluctuations immediately vs season, league to tournaments, and national team to UEFA.

2- How and why is the Comparisonator platform used?
Eliminating unnecessary player analysis time
The platforms’ first aim is to screen players when received from agencies or any other sources. Users can eliminate offers in seconds thanks to AI-powered player suitability systems. Users can move on to another offer on the spot.
Finding the right & suitable players
Finding young players before they become jewels is another aim covered. Users may spot players according to performance levels as soon as they commence playing with any professional football team. Finding the best wonderkids in football is not only luck, but football’s brightest young talents are showing themselves on the field. The new prodigy of football can be detected over data thanks to Comparisonator per 90 min Artificial Intelligence Index algorithm.
Easy-to-follow transfer portfolio
Comparisonator platform is known by many football professionals as the easiest tool to use within the transfer process. No training is necessary if you are either a Wyscout and/or an InStat, Scisports, Statsbomb, Opta, Sofascore, Hudl, Stats Perform, Transfermarkt, or Driblab user. The tool is complementary to all video platforms.
Advanced team and player performance follow-up
You can use Comparisonator to track team performances through a mobile app, access player performance information instantly, and directly share performance reports from the mobile app, eliminating the need for a computer. Facilitating communication with players and coaches by presenting data in a straightforward manner, even making it accessible to 17-year-old players. Evaluating the skill levels of suggested players. Streamlining discussions by providing simple data information to all team members, including analysts, performance coaches, scouts, players, and coaches. Compare your own team with your own team, match by match, season by season; define the needs of the team. Prepare board reports with automatically generated PDF and JPEG exports in the easiest and most understandable way.

3- What Can You Do with the Comparisonator Mobile App
The only mobile football statistics app available for player and team comparison and rankings.
Compare Players and teams Everywhere Every time.
Coaching staff, sports directors, chief scouts, members of the media, and even the board members now have an artificially intelligent “Comparisonator Mobile App” in their hands. The tool will allow recruitment decision-makers to analyze and compare players & teams before any game, on the road, or even at a football match.
Comparisonator Mobile App is created to enhance decision-making ability much faster. The best football stats app is available in App Store and Google Play. Use football data comparison features from your mobile device or tablet at any time, anywhere.

4- What is Comparisonator KPI-Key performance indicators
AI weighted indexes defining player performance levels, rankings & amount of actions vs. other players in the same position. Explanation of how to calculate the weighted index using the football league difficulties relies on the algorithm that the Comparisonator team created.
A.I. Player & League & Team Leveler
Defining player quality compared to different league levels has been a difficult problem to solve. What eyes see on the field sometimes does not match with football data. Comparisonator Player Leveler “A. I. Index” solves this problem by converting player & team performance to one unique “universal currency” applicable to all players around the world.
Algorithmic Quality Converter:
Our algorithm includes 9 different calculation points, also applying weights to each league, each team, and each player, week in and week out, in ever-changing performances and playing styles, in order to “define” player benchmarks. Artificial Intelligence algorithms convert statistics into useful, actionable results. The main challenge is to calculate the differences between European football leagues, Asian football leagues, South American football leagues, and African football leagues. Comparisonator AI Index algorithm is created to solve this problem and multiplying by the coefficient of a league’s difficulty gives us the correct result.
Geo Performance Aligner:
KPI is laid out in 5 Levels. All index levels identify different geographic performances in order to rank and compare players against their most played positions. All season averages and total performances are shared on the spot. Performance analysis in football is the use of data, and to make this analysis more understandable, in Comparisonator Platform, we are dividing the performance parameters into offensive, defensive, duels, and passing index algorithms. So, a decision-maker can understand the players’ strong and weak points in the same position, even in his league or the target league.

5- What is Comparisonator Artificial Intelligence Index?
A.I. Player Scaler: Universal performance equalizer for Apple to Apple player comparison
Each league in the world has its own qualities and levels. They have their own unique dynamics compared to each other. Each team inside these leagues has its own dynamics, some weak, some strong. But it all comes down to players to form entire dynamics. Each player in each team has their own unique powers, different playing styles, and different actions they do inside the teams. Some are good performers, some average. And their performance changes against the opponent. Performance changes even depending on their own teammates. These mechanics bring out 3 main parameters to have ever-changing performance weights to be applied in order for player levels & teams, and leagues to be defined.
Therefore, 8 different algorithms have been used in the calculation in order to define a player’s unique performance level. Imagine that the world has only one currency, and in that one currency, everyone is weighed on the same scale.
The creation of the universal player equalization scales was only possible via machine learning exercises. Machine is actually a computer mechanism. The programming investigates every action of the player in the world and calculates every single parameter by adding 8 different weights to create weekly scenarios. Comparisonator separated this into 5 different separate scales:
Comparisonator Main Index: Combinations of defensive, offensive, duels, and passing actions form the Main Index. The artificially intelligent weight system implements two other characteristics to define the player level even deeper. If the player is a regular player and has more minutes compared to others in the same position, the preferred understanding is to use “total” collective index points to make a decision on the level. If the player spent less minutes on the field, then “AVG per 90 min” can be preferred. In this way, players who have fewer minutes are within the calculation scale of players with more minutes, a kind of mechanical equalization process.
Offensive-Defensive-Duels and Passing Indexes, respectively, cover their own areas of parameter ranges in order to understand specific performances.
This calculation gives us the opportunity to compare player levels in an apple-to-apple comparison. And these Index numbers are guiding decision-makers in Comparisonator platform in all features.

6- What is Comparisonator Viewpoint?
Compare player & teams’ last match performance vs. League performance vs. League average in offensive, defensive, passing, and duels parameters.
View player’s seasonal ‘Key performance indicators’, relevant parameter rankings & season averages.
The viewpoint feature of the Comparisonator shows us the players’ performance in the last game (blue column) vs. players’ seasonal average (orange column) vs. averages of other players in the same position in the league (black column).
Another way to describe Viewpoint is “what he did, what he usually does, and what the others are doing” in the selected parameter. Then, it allows us to understand the benchmarks of a particular parameter amongst positions. Even the slightest number for a parameter is meaning information when this information is compared to others in the same position.

7- What is Comparisonator Player Performance Levels (PPL)
Evaluate all 22 players on the football pitch in almost seconds
Focus on the players that actually deserve your attention
Player Performance Levels (PPL) is in the “Team Module” of the Mobile App.
The player Performance Levels feature is utilized to find out all player levels and rankings instantly while watching a live game on the field or on TV or a full match view on Instant/Wyscout.
Player Performance Levels is designed to help scouts, chief scouts, and coaches identify player quality in seconds.
T# section identifies players’ rankings compared to their own teammates.
L# section represents players’ rankings versus other players in a given league.

8- How do you Compare a player to himself and other players?
The features of Me2Me & Me2Others in the player module and MyTeam2MyTeam & MyTeam2Others in the team module of Comparisonator basically allow us to compare the performance of the player or team whose profile we view on the platform, either with themselves or with other players & teams.
In the Me2Me and MyTeam2MyTeam sections, we can analyze the seasonal, periodic, or match-by-match performance changes of the player or team whose profile we examine by seeing the percentage difference between them.
In addition, the heatmaps in these sections can also give us some interesting insights into the game characteristics and style of players & teams on the field. In this way, the comments we will make in our demo meetings by reading the data & statistics through heat maps and stats will be valuable in terms of convincing the people in front of us.
In the Me2Others and MyTeam2Others sections, we can compare our players and teams with other players or teams on a seasonal, periodic, or match-by-match basis.
In addition, thanks to the “multiple comparisons” feature provided by the system in this section, we can make our comparisons and analyses more detailed by placing more than two players or teams in the comparison tables. If we can use this feature efficiently, especially in the presentations we will make during the demo meetings; we can be more successful in attracting the attention of the users.
Me2Me: Compare players’ & teams’ own performance by weeks, tournaments, away/home matches, seasonal performances in offensive, defensive, passing, duels, and index parameters, and also performance comparison in different positions.
Me2Others: Compare player & team to other teams & players’ performances in offensive, defensive, passing, duels, and index parameters. Thanks to x-y coordinate data, users also can compare players in different positions.

9- What is Comparisonator Parameters League?
Parameters League feature of the Comparisonator is the rankings of players & teams in offensive, defensive, passing, duels, and index parameters compared with tournaments & leagues. The parameters League feature is also available in both the player and team modules, just like the other Comparisonator features we explained earlier.
With the dual view in the left and right columns of the Parameters League, we can see both weekly and seasonal parameter performance data and rankings of players & teams side by side. In this feature, by default, the system shows you on the left-hand side (weekly rankings) the performance data and rankings of a player or team in the last match they played. In addition, you can also select multiple matches by opening the “matches” tab on the left side of the page and ticking them.
The section on the right side of the ranking table on the page (seasonal rankings) is not updated according to your selections. Here, the system, by default, shows you the seasonal performance and ranking of players & teams in the domestic league. Also, when you click on a specific parameter, you can view other player & team rankings in that parameter from best to worst in weekly and seasonal performances.
The biggest benefit of this feature for users is to be able to see the weekly and seasonal performance of their players and teams in specific parameters in a single table, as well as the ranking of all the other players and teams in the league in these parameters.

10- What is Comparisonator Virtual Transfer?
Virtually transfer a player’s entire data to another league-view him in a ranking table with all other players in the same position.
The virtual transfer feature is the most important and unique feature of the Comparisonator.
With the virtual transfer feature, sending a player’s stats to a potential league to which he has been or will be transferred and checking his possible rankings in all parameters is basically very easy, but it is a feature that has not been implemented on other platforms. In three calculations, you can also see detailed tables of players’ potential rankings in all parameters: avg / avg per90 / total.
Sometimes, when using this feature in your presentations, you may have to make virtual transfers between two different leagues with a very high-level difference. In this case, you can make an explanation to your leads like this: although the realistic ranking of the players after the virtual transfer will not be exactly like this, you can analyze the best and worst features of the players regardless of the level differences by looking at the rankings in the parameters.

11- What is Comparisonator Recruitment Shop
Recruitment Shop is an advanced searching tool for detecting & ranking the players based on their general information, stats, and performances in more than 150 parameters. Searching and scouting players by advanced filters such as competitions, passport & birth countries, positions, and selected parameters.
Comparisonator platform made recruiters’ & scouts’ and coaches’ jobs much easier to find and follow players from 271 leagues with more than 500 parameters within all players. This is possibly the largest player database that exists.
A distinct difference from any other provider Comparisonator’s recruitment & scouting tool is that players can be found & sorted in one click according to their performance level. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the ability mounted inside the player index engine allows decision-makers to notice player levels almost instantly. And this level is comparable to any other player in the world again with one simple click.
Players can easily be found with their respective contractual status, or users can search players by sorting them against the number of goals scored or shot assists made weekly or seasonally. There are 500 parameters to choose from. Another advantage lies within the “Recruitment Shop” is to follow young players as soon as they touch down with any professional football team. You can simply notice players at an early age and assess performance levels in any professional team once they touch a ball.
List all fullbacks under 21 in the world
List all center backs with an index of more than 400
List all center forwards under 21 with left foot
List all write winger backs in Argentina playing in 4-2-3-1 format
List all goalkeepers under 21 who are National team players
Many, many other search & listing options

12- What is Comparisonator’s GBE Points Calculator
The most basic way to understand “what is GBE” is that these requirements, in the form of the Governing Body Endorsement (GBE) regulations, were formulated by The FA in consultation with the Premier League and the English Football League (the “GBE Rules”). Criteria for international player visas which are effective from the information about the status of individual players in relation to the UK’s new points-based immigration system. GBE points calculator provides an instant breakdown of a player’s post-Brexit eligibility to play in the England Premier League, England Championship, or EFL leagues in the UK. Comparisonator GBE Calculator helps clubs, players, and agents determine a player’s eligibility to play football in the UK.
This feature automatically calculates the GBE points of any player within the 271 leagues around the world. Each player profile has an automatic page illustrating their GBE status, including a table showing where the points are collected from

  • Type any player name, and the GBE status is there to view instantly
  • Find all GBE-qualified players in any league in seconds
  • Sort GBE assessed players with their artificially intelligent index levels

  • 13- What is Football Data Journal?
    Published every two weeks, Comparisonator football data news covers the best players of international tournaments from UEFA to Libertadores, World Cup to national qualifyings, leagues to national football tournaments, youth tournaments to lower divisions; identifies high performer lower league players; analyses and discovers possible young stars; also includes guest analysts & writers who utilize our tool from around the world such as Marca, Fox, Sky, Tutto Mercato and many more. All analyses have been conducted via Comparisonators’ AI-powered player finder (Recruitment Shop) feature.
    Team customers such as Glasgow Rangers, Rapid Wien, Fortuna Sittard, FC Dallas, Besiktas, Al Nassr; agency customers Traffic Sport, Pro 11, International Dymension; media customers such as FOX, Marca, Tutto Mercato, LookSport TV, DHA; business customers such as Socios, Transfermarkt are amongst 100 users. We are probably the most cost-effective recruitment tool in the world.
Didem Dilmen

Director of Communications @ Comparisonator