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The Copa America 2024 has reached its midway point, showcasing thrilling matches and standout performances from some of South America’s and North America’s finest footballers. As the group stage concludes, a select few have distinguished themselves with skill, resilience, and game-changing contributions.

From goalkeeping prowess to attacking flair, the tournament has witnessed players rise to the occasion, shaping the landscape of the competition. The Best XI of Copa America 2024 after the group stage, prepared based on Comparisonator Artificial Intelligence Index, highlighting the standout performers across various positions who have left an indelible mark on the tournament so far.

Goalkeeper: Rafael Romo (Venezuela)
Rafael Romo has been a stalwart presence in goal for Venezuela, showcasing exceptional shot-stopping abilities and commanding his area with confidence. His crucial saves have kept Venezuela competitive in tight matches, earning him recognition as one of the top goalkeepers in the tournament.

Left Back: Jon Aramburu (Venezuela)
Jon Aramburu has been a revelation at left back for Venezuela, combining defensive solidity with attacking intent. His tireless runs down the flank and accurate deliveries have provided crucial support to Venezuela’s offensive efforts while maintaining defensive discipline.

Center Back: Mathías Olivera (Uruguay)
Mathías Olivera has anchored Uruguay’s defense with composure and tactical astuteness. His ability to read the game, make timely interceptions, and distribute the ball effectively from the back has been instrumental in Uruguay’s defensive solidity throughout the group stage.

Center Back: Marquinhos (Brazil)
Marquinhos continues to showcase why he is regarded as one of the best center backs in the world. His leadership, aerial prowess, and ability to organize Brazil’s defense have been pivotal in their quest for Copa America glory once again.

Right Back: Daniel Muñoz (Colombia)
Daniel Muñoz has been a dynamic presence at right back for Colombia, contributing both defensively and offensively. His pace, stamina, and accurate crosses have made him a constant threat down the right flank, providing valuable width to Colombia’s attacking play.

Defensive Midfielder: Stephen Eustaquio (Canada)
Stephen Eustaquio has emerged as a midfield anchor for Canada, dictating play with his range of passing, defensive awareness, and ability to break up opposition attacks. His consistent performances have been pivotal in Canada’s impressive campaign in Copa America 2024.

Central Midfielder: Enzo Fernández (Argentina)
Enzo Fernández has been a creative force in midfield for Argentina, showcasing his vision, ball control, and ability to dictate the tempo of the game. His link-up play with the forwards and knack for scoring crucial goals have made him a standout performer in the tournament.

Right Winger: Sávio (Brazil)
Sávio has lit up Copa America 2024 with his electrifying pace, dribbling skills, and clinical finishing. His ability to take on defenders and deliver decisive moments in front of goal has been crucial for Brazil, adding a new dimension to their attacking prowess.

Left Winger: Maximiliano Araújo (Uruguay)
Maximiliano Araújo has impressed on the left wing for Uruguay, combining flair with defensive diligence. His ability to cut inside, take on defenders, and deliver dangerous crosses has been instrumental in Uruguay’s attacking strategy.

Attacking Midfielder: James Rodríguez (Colombia)
James Rodríguez has shown his class and creativity in midfield for Colombia, orchestrating attacks with his vision, passing range, and ability to unlock defenses. His experience and leadership have been invaluable for Colombia in Copa America 2024.

Striker: Lautaro Martínez (Argentina)
Lautaro Martínez has been a relentless presence up front for Argentina, showcasing his clinical finishing, movement off the ball, and ability to create space for his teammates. His goalscoring exploits have been vital in Argentina’s pursuit of Copa America glory.

Selected via Comparisonator machine learning index.
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