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Comparisonator platform’s worldwide scouting analysis is continuing to identify the best player performances around the world with eleventh chapter; BESTS OF BALTICS. “Comparisonator World Starlight Analysis” covers 55 countries, divided into 14 regions. Regions and countries which have close ties to each other and within the same geography are specifically defined and selected.

The unique scouting study’s each chapter is analysing in 2 parts. In the first analysis, the best players of the region in each position is determined; Gold, Silver and Bronze 11s and in the second part, the performances of the top 5 players in each position is selecting & publishing in 3 different categories: Best Forwards, Best Midfielders and Best Defenders. “Comparisonator World Starlight Analysis” 11th chapter, Baltics study covering Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia.

Best players provided from each leagues to the gold, silver and bronze best 11’s of Baltics:

  • 12 players from Estonian Meistriliiga (2021 Season)
  • 11 players from Latvian Higher League (2021 Season)
  • 10 players from Lithuania A Lyga (2021 Season)

Golden XI of 2021 Season

GK: Matvei Igonen (Flora)
LB: Ken Kallaste (Flora)
CB: Luka Gadrani (Valmiera)
CB: Ziga Lipuscek (Rigas FS)
RB: Saulius Mikoliunas (FK Zalgiris Vilnius)
CMF: Nicolas Gorobsov (FK Suduva Marijampole)
CMF: Zakaria Beglarishvili (FCI Levadia)
LW: Hugo Videmont (FK Zalgiris Vilnius)
AMF: Konstantin Vassiljev (Flora)
RW: Tomas Simkovic (Rigas FS)
CF: Rauno Sappinen (Flora)

Silver XI of 2021 Season

GK: Vytautas Cerniauskas (Rigas FS)
LB: Petr Mares (Rigas FS)
CB: Milan Mitrovic (FCI Levadia)
CB: Vitalijs Jagodinskis (Rigas FS)
RB: Roberts Savalnieks (Rigas FS)
CMF: Tomislav Saric (Rigas FS)
CMF: Bogdan Vastsuk (FCI Levadia)
LW: Henrik Ojamaa (Flora)
AMF: Djibril Gueye (Valmiera)
RW: Sergei Zenjov (Flora)
CF: Henri Anier (Paide)

Bronze XI of 2021 Season

GK: Deividas Mikelionis (Kauno Zalgiris)
LB: Joël Bopesu (FK Zalgiris Vilnius)
CB: Djibril Diaw (FK Zalgiris Vilnius)
CB: Marten Kuusk (Flora)
RB: Yevhen Efremov (FK Suduva Marijampole)
CMF: Yukiyoshi Karashima (Hegelmann Litauen)
CMF: Markus Poom (Flora)
LW: Emerson Deocleciano (Rigas FS)
AMF: Philip Otele (Kauno Zalgiris)
RW: Mikael Soisalo (Riga)
CF: Michael Thuique (Kauno Zalgiris)

Top 5 Players Comparisonator INDEX Leaders

Forwards – Overall INDEX

1-) Hugo Videmont (FK Zalgiris Vilnius)
2-) Tomas Simkovic (Rigas FS)
3-) Rauno Sappinen (Flora)
4-) Henri Anier (Paide)
5-) Henrik Ojamaa (Flora)

Midfielders – Overall INDEX

1-) Zakaria Beglarishvili (FCI Levadia)
2-) Nicolas Gorobsov (FK Suduva Marijampole)
3-) Konstantin Vassiljev (Flora)
4-) Djibril Gueye (Valmiera)
5-) Bogdan Vastsuk (FCI Levadia)

Defenders – Overall INDEX

1-) Ken Kallaste (Flora)
2-) Saulius Mikoliunas (FK Zalgiris Vilnius)
3-) Ziga Lipuscek (Rigas FS)
4-) Luka Gadrani (Valmiera)
5-) Milan Mitrovic (FCI Levadia)

Selected via Comparisonator machine learning index.
Data Comparisons provided by Comparisonator is for educational purposes only and not intended to be monetized.

Tarkan Batgün

Tarkan Batgun is scouting & match analysis specialist with more than 20 years in football field, worked as a scouting director & head of performance analysis inside clubs, lectured in federations, currently working as the CEO of Comparisonator platform.