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The Comparisonator team analysed the best players & Best XI of the Spanish Primera Division RFEF in the 2021/22 Season So Far.
The best players of each group so far this season with their total actions. In this analysis, the Comparisonator team used the Parameters League, Viewpoint and KPI features of the Platform.
Best XI of Spanish Primera Division RFEF (combined of 2 groups) is based on Comparisonator Machine Learning Index.

Best XI of Spanish Primera Division RFEF
2021/22 Season So FarCombined of 2 groups

Primera Division RFEF Group 1 – Best Player
Pablo Torre (AMF&CMF) – Real Racing Club 

Primera Division RFEF Group 2 – Best Player
Sergio Arribas (CF&AMF&RW) – Real Madrid C.F. Castilla

Selected via Comparisonator machine learning index.
Data Comparisons provided by Comparisonator is for educational purposes only and not intended to be monetized.

Didem Dilmen

Director of Communications @ Comparisonator