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In the world of football, finding suitable players for football teams is crucial. It’s not about luck or old-fashioned scouting anymore. Comparisonator is here to change the game. This simple guide will explore how Comparisonator can help you pick the best football players using data.

Chapter 1: What Is Comparisonator?
Comparisonator is a unique football data comparison tool that makes it easier to understand football players’ levels. Whether you’re a team manager, a scout, or just a fan, Comparisonator helps you understand a player’s strengths and weaknesses.
In transfers, football teams are looking for not always the best player but the most suitable player and a player who can perform enough to transfer to big clubs like Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal in England Premier League, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid in Spain LaLiga, Bayern Munchen, Borussia Dortmund in Germany Bundesliga, Paris Saint Germain, Lille, Nantes, Marseille in France Ligue 1, Milan, Inter, Juventus, Roma in Italy Serie A and also the championship winner players. All players dream of playing at the UEFA Champions League final, winning the trophy, and being the best player. Still, of course, the road to being the best comes from lots of training, playing, winning, but most of all, playing in the right team with football tactics.
The most challenging job of a football scout is to understand a player’s level and if this player performs better in their team. So that the Comparisonator can help them with a user-friendly, understandable, and easy-to-use platform and mobile app.
Comparisonator users can produce performance graphics and share them with players & sports directors & chief scouts & coaches & board members with only one click from the platform. Decision makers can compare and rank football players against players in the same position and understand if this player is suitable for their team. Also, agencies can present their players with automatically generated reports from the platform and mobile apps.
Comparisonator’s unique features help decision makers to understand players’ potential, performance, and sustainability and discover the most suitable player for transfer.
Comparisonator is a football data comparison platform covering over 300 football leagues and tournaments worldwide.
Comparisonator is a football data comparison platform for high-level club recruiters, agencies, and media companies. The platform is supported by an artificially intelligent mobile app for day-to-day player investigations. More than 100 clubs like Rangers F.C., NEC Nijmegen, Rapid Wien, FC Dallas, FC Tokyo, and Besiktas use our Sports Director and Chief Scout platform.
There are more than one hundred customers of Comparisonator all around the world: Trabzonspor, Samsunspor from Türkiye Super Lig, Go Ahead Eagles and PEC Zwolle and Fortuna Sittard from Netherlands Eredivisie, Nagoya Grampus from Japan J1 League, Leixous FC from Liga Portugal, Al Nassr and Al Fateh from Saudi Arabia Pro League, Canadian soccer team Vancouver Whitecaps from MLS, Grenoble 38 from France Ligue 2, Admira Wacker from Austria 2. Liga, United World group teams Sheffield United F.C. from England Premier League, K. Beerschot V.A. from Belgium Challenger Pro League, La Berrichonne de Châteauroux from France Championnat National, Al Hilal United from UAE Pro League, Kerala United from India I-League and United World Academy are some of the Comparisonator clients.
As a comparison, our data-based content has been used in 31 countries in media coverage. We are working with media companies in different countries, such as Liverpool Echo and Manchester Evening News in England, AS, Marca and Diario Sport in Spain, Tutto Mercato in Italy, Look Sport in Romania, Fox Deportes in Mexico, Germanijak and Sportske Jutarnji in Croatia, Mozzart Sport in Serbia and journalists in South Korea, Greece, Czech Rep and so on.

Chapter 2: How to Use Data to Select Suitable Players in Transfers
Comparisonator uses numbers and information to help you select players. Here are some words to remember:
Player Profiles: Players’ profiles indicate who the player is, the player’s recent performance, and the player’s history of performance compared with himself and others in the same position. Find out which team they play for, which team they are most suitable for, which football tactics they can adopt, how much they cost in transfers, and how to improve football skills for a football player. During the transfer windows, there are lots of transfer rumors taking place, and with the Comparisonator, decision-makers can go further with the football statistics information from the best player statistics site.
Transfer Value: In transfers, the football community asks many questions, like if a player is worth that transfer fee, whether football players are paid a much salary, and how much a star player is paid for a season about the latest transfer news and transfer rumors. In these kinds of football rumors, the answer may rely on the football performance data with comparison and rankings. When a player is better in offensive, defensive, passing, and duels parameters and over the average of the other players in the same position, these players’ worths and salaries can be determined in a more data-related way. Using statistics, everybody can understand who is the best player, who is the best transfer, and who is the best team in the world.
Best Transfers or Suitable Transfers: Transfers are watched closely in Europe, South America, Asia, and Saudi Arabia. The best football stadiums in Europe are waiting for their next football stars. Most talented players are generally recruited when they are in youth teams. Football skills for beginners are also important; recruiters usually try to find the player at a young age, a prodigy, the next Haaland, Messi, Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, or others. May a young talent be the next world star like Haaland or Mbappe? Of course, this is the question that everybody is asking. With data-related recruitment technologies like the Comparisonator football data comparison platform, teams, and agents can find players of young ages through statistical information on the best player rating site.
Compare Football Players in 300 Parameters: Comparing football players gives us important information about a player’s performance. When we think about the actions in a football game on the pitch, all positions have different priority tasks, and not all the players are focusing on the same parameters. The best player rating websites like a defensive player, a midfielder, and a forward player have different tasks to fulfill in the game. A football team can only be successful if a good and a suitable football tactic and a game plan is able to execute on the pitch. So, not all the players are doing the same things but concentrating on the different parameters. With the information about how much a center-back is average shots on target per game, it is important for a team that wants to transfer a goalscorer center-back; decision-makers can identify the most goalscorer players by comparing them against the others in the same position.

Chapter 3: How Comparisonator Works?
Comparisonator can be used by various different football professionals and created to help them to understand the football stats:
Sports directors: Use artificial intelligence (A.I.) performance leveling for instant assessment of player benchmarks, helping understand incoming players’ suitability quickly. Verify player names from agencies and from your own scouts with a single click using the Comparisonator mobile app. Utilize A.I. for quick player suitability assessments, saving time for in-depth analysis of key players. Virtually transfer player data to your league for easy position-based comparisons, ensuring a clear understanding of their fit within your team and the league. Analyze all players using a single performance currency with A.I. support, factoring in league and team quality to estimate their performance in your team.
Chief Scouts: Utilize artificial intelligence performance leveling to instantly assess your team’s player benchmarks, facilitating a quick understanding of incoming players’ suitability. Virtually transfer player data to your league for easy position-based comparisons, enabling a clear assessment of how they fit into your team and the league. Prepare scouting reports by comparing potential players to their own performance and pitting them against players in your team using artificial intelligence’s universal performance currency, factoring in league, team, and player weights. Search for players across any league and position, sorting them based on A.I. weights. Easily filter players by contract lengths and values and produce detailed reports with a single click. Describe the player you’re looking for to match your team’s mechanics, and let A.I. generate lists of players with a percentage resemblance to your criteria.
Agencies: Generate and share player statics reports in seconds, saving time and streamlining communication. Personalize your Comparisonator account with logos and colors to enhance brand identity. Virtually Transfer player data to the target league for easy comparisons with others in the same position, understand how they fit in the league. Prepare specific reports comparing your player with the team’s player that you are proposing, aiding in informed decision-making. Analyze target teams before making offers, checking player levels in teams’ benchmarks and understanding their needs for more informed negotiations. Assess players recommended by other agencies very quickly to understand their suitability for intermediary opportunities.
Analysts: Virtually transfer player data to your league for easy position-based comparisons, helping you understand how they fit into your team and the league. Utilize artificial intelligence to quickly assess player suitability, saving valuable time and allowing you to focus on key players. Support players with regular updates on their best actions and share graphical ranking reports for motivation and education, providing coaches with immediate feedback. Create motivational videos with automatic performance graphics, producing performance comparison visuals for players and teams with ease. Weekly assessments highlight player contributions in offense, defense, duels, and passing, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of their impact.
Media Companies: Performance analysis of players and teams. The data source for articles and pre-match commentaries. Producing social media content with statistical information. Visually transfer players’ data to another league within the same position players in offensive, defensive, pass and duels parameters and predict the players’ performance in the selected league. Players & teams performance analysis and comparing in selected parameters, League stats of all teams. Create comparative statistical content for websites & social media for players and teams. Easily spot & publish better performances in different parameters. Ability to compare player’s/team’s weekly performance against their own seasonal average. Compare a particular match or season performance of a player to himself or to another player parameter by parameter. View, understand & comment on player/team performances in more than 100 parameters, match by match, week by week. Compare teams’ performances before & after match analysis. Prepare the best XI players for all leagues, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Europa Conference League, Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, and AFC Champions League, and select the best players in each position with A.I. Index. Announce the best team of the week so far or tournament.

Chapter 4: How to find the best player for your team in transfers?
Here’s how to make the most of Comparisonator:
Be Specific: Use the right words to find the player you want. If you need a good striker, search for “striker.” Select the country or region and understand the levels of the player by using Comparisonator Artificial Intelligence Index algorithms.
Compare Players: Use “comparison” to see how different players are. This helps you find the best fit for your team. Transfer the best player for your team by using the Comparisonator Artificial Intelligence Index pointing system.
Look at the Numbers: Don’t just look at the basics. Check the numbers and stats to find hidden gems who can make your team better. Comparisonator Artificial Intelligence Algorithm will help chief scouts, head coaches, sports directors, and board members to understand the best transfer selections from football leagues.
Stay Updated: Make sure to use the most recent data. Search for the current season or year to find the newest information. Use the Comparisonator AI Index algorithm to understand the recent performance of the player.

Chapter 5: Conclusion
In the world of football, staying ahead means using statistics to choose players. Comparisonator is the best tool for that job.
Next time you’re looking for a game-changing player, use the right words to search. With Comparisonator football data comparison platform, you can confidently pick players and make your team better.
Start using Comparisonator today, and increase the chance to discover the next football superstar for your team!

Didem Dilmen

Director of Communications @ Comparisonator