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Coaches describe what kind of players they want to sign by talking about their skills and playing styles to their board of directors, transfer committees, scouting & player recruitment departments or time to time to agents that they know. But finding suitable options can be tough and even hugely time consuming even describing the type of player. And when teams sell players, it’s hard to find new ones who are just as good.

Comparisonator developed an easy-to-use method for discovering players who fit the criteria set by selectors. By implementing filters based on similarity percentage, age, height, contract status, playing time, or AI Index levels, decision-makers can swiftly identify potential matches. Transfer personnel can effortlessly choose a player and find similar ones in other leagues within seconds.

Similar Players to Semih Kılıçsoy from Beşiktaş

Here’s how to find similar players in just 10 seconds:

  • Enter your target player’s name on the platform.
  • Click the similarity button.
  • Choose specific leagues to see similar players.

Let Comparisonator’s AI find players resembling your target. It’s as simple as that!

Tarkan Batgün

Tarkan Batgun is scouting & match analysis specialist with more than 20 years in football field, worked as a scouting director & head of performance analysis inside clubs, lectured in federations, currently working as the CEO of Comparisonator platform.

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