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Comparisonator indicated 3 Best U23 Players in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Player’s rankings are among his own position players. The data cover after quarter finals of WC2022

In this study, Comparisonator recruitment analysts compared FIFA World Cup matches and detected the 3 best U23 players.


After 2 years of Machine Learning exercise inside the platform enabled us to implement artificially intelligent weights in order to define player and team levels. This system allows apple to apple comparison of any players and teams from around the world. The variable weights applied to the platform include:

– League quality

– Team quality

– Player performance

Click here to read the full whitepaper of A.I. Index.

3 Best U23 Players in FIFA World Cup – Qatar 2022

Enzo Fernandez

Josko Gvardiol

Julian Alvarez

Selected via Comparisonator machine learning index.
Data Comparisons provided by Comparisonator is for educational purposes only and not intended to be monetized.

Didem Dilmen

Director of Communications @ Comparisonator