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Player Comparison

Compare players all around the world on 400+ parameters.


Automatize Weekly Player KPI vs League Averages

Easy to use dashboard with graphical Offensive, Defensive, Duels, and Passing parameters of a particular player selected.

  • Performance Snapshot: View and compare a player’s latest match stats against league averages.
  • Seasonal Analysis: Access key season stats, rankings, and compare with league benchmarks.
  • Trend Visualization: Easily understand a player’s performance trends with intuitive diagrams.
  • Effortless Reporting & Sharing: Generate insightful PDF reports and share seamlessly with players and coaches.


Compare a player to their own performance

Search and select player, select season, select particular position of the player, select particular match (or entire season) select the parameters you want to compare:

  • Match-to-Match Comparison: Analyze a player’s performance from one match to another.
  • Seasonal vs. Match Performance: Compare a player’s individual match stats against their own season averages.
  • Global Benchmarking: Evaluate league performance against UEFA/FIFA and National Team matches.
  • Comprehensive Insights & Sharing: Track performance trends, home vs. away games, and easily share detailed PDF reports.


Compare a player to other players of your choice

Compare my match data to other players; or compare multiple players match by match; season by season. Search and find the player, select season, select competition, select particular position, select match/matches, and select the parameters you want to compare:

  • Head-to-Head Matchup: Compare a player’s match data directly against another player’s performance.
  • Seasonal Benchmarking: Contrast a player’s individual match stats with another player’s season averages.
  • Specialized Parameter Analysis: Dive into detailed comparisons in offense, defense, passing, and duels.
  • Strengths & Progress Insights: Uncover strengths and weaknesses and track player progress efficiently.

Players’ Parameters League

Glimpse in Weekly progress vs Seasonal progress in a point table fashion with rankings comparison

Comparing weekly player rankings against seasonal rankings in different parameters. Perfect point table view of weekly action totals and averages with other players.

  • Weekly Performance Tracking: Monitor players’ weekly actions and changes in over 100 parameters in a comprehensive point table.
  • In-Depth League Comparisons: Analyze weekly actions and season averages against league benchmarks in various parameters.
  • Visual Season Rankings: See at a glance how players rank seasonally in offensive, defensive, passing, and other key areas.
  • Comprehensive Reports & Communication: Easily interpret data trends and share detailed weekly, monthly, and seasonal league rankings with players in PDF format.

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