Comparisonator Mobile App

The only mobile football data app available within the player and team comparison vertical 📲

Compare Players & Teams Everywhere Every time

Coaching staff, sports directors, chief scouts, scouts, members of media, and even the board members now have an artificially intelligent “Comparisonator Mobile App” in their hands. The tool will allow recruitment decision makers to analyze and compare players & teams before any game, on the road, or even at a football match.

Comparisonator Mobile App is created to enhance decision-making ability much faster… everywhere… any time…

What is on Comparisonator Mobile App?

Viewpoint graphics

Comparing weekly performance vs. seasonal
Illustrating differences in form

KPI-Key performance indicators

Ai weighted indexes defining player performance levels
Rankings & amount of actions vs. other players in the same position


Comparing the same player/team to the same player/team
Match by match & season by season


Comparing players/teams to themselves
Match by match & season by season, more than 2 players & teams next to each other

Parameters League

Weekly performance vs. seasonal performance
Positional rankings in more than 100 actions

Virtual Transfer

Virtually transferring players’ data from one country to another
Visualize performance levels in different parameters