Recep Uçar

Former Assistant Coach

Beşiktaş JK

We have been able to instantly produce and view performance graphics of our own players match by match. Analysis staff shares player comparison graphics with footballers after each game while we also effectively analyse scouting department reports through Comparisonator.

Comparisonator’s best side is perhaps to view quick conclusions in order to understand how our team is progressing against ourselves week by week, season by season. I found it quite unique to be able to produce performance graphics so easily and surely in an understandable format.

We are able to develop opposition reports through Comparisonator in seconds & insert them inside our video analysis presentations.

It is sometimes hard for coaching staff to follow-up on our own player’s data continuously because it takes a lot of time during competitions, playing champions league, cup games and domestic league matches make everything harder. Comparisonator help our analysts to be able to produce players’ performance graphics very quickly and share with players and with our head coach & myself on the fly. This provides us an opportunity to develop our players’ understanding of data and eventually produces better-performing players for us.

Assistance coaches play an important role in the recruitment process. Our job also includes investigating potential player portfolio. Comparisonator made our lives much easier especially using the “Virtual Transfer” feature. Any report came from the Scouting department or any players that we like have been placed inside this feature to understand the potential success rate compared to the Turkish league.

Nicola Innocentin

Global Football Service

Matthias Ringler
Chief Scout

SK Rapid Wien

Marco Conterio
Chief Editor


Recep Uçar
Former Assistant Coach

Besiktas JK

Isitan Gun

Fortuna Sittard

Ömer Koray Uzun

Footalent Agency

Tom Caluwé
Sports Director

KV Mechelen

Niel Cuijvers
Chief Scout

KVC Westerlo

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