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Comparisonator platform brings our recruitment team a fantastic speed in order to evaluate transfer data & compare players instantly. On the other hand, our technical staff analyses weekly player & team performance to understand how our team is progressing.

Fortuna Sittard will work with the systems of Comparisonator. The company specializes in tracking, analyzing, and comparing club and player statistics. By embracing the services, the club follows in the footsteps of Turkish top clubs such as Besiktas and Galatasaray. Fortuna Sittard is the first Dutch club to use the tool.

Statistics of players and clubs are measured and made available on the basis of more than 100 parameters in 271 competitions. The graphs provide a unique insight into Fortuna Sittard, the players, and its opponents. Initially, Comparisonator will be used by the marketing department to create additional content.

Nick Verheijen, marketing manager at Fortuna Sittard, sees the services of Comparisonator as a nice addition to the existing tools. “Within Fortuna Sittard, we are always looking for innovative ways to give fans insights that will bring them closer to the club. We are therefore very proud that we are the first Dutch club to provide unique statistics to our fans through Comparisonator. ”

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