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by | Aug 24, 2022

Mier’s prominence in the Nacional title puts him on the list.

The Betplay league continues to have several players who attract attention abroad. Although the stars of national football are emigrating faster and faster abroad, there are still several figures in the tournament.

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For 2022 several have been the leading teams so far in the championship. In the first part of the year, Nacional, Tolima and Millonarios were the most relevant. While in the closure Junior and America begin to grow slowly.

From European soil, a selection of players was made to continue in the Colombian championship. The chosen ones were Kevin Mier, Daniel Ruiz and Juan Manuel Zapata. According to the ‘Comparisonator’ media, which is in charge of collecting data from the most important leagues in the world, this trio of soccer players have a great projection with a view to the near future of Colombian soccer.

On the side of Mier and Ruiz, it seems like an open secret that they will be in the not too distant future within the plans of the Colombian National Team, while Zapata is a midfielder who performs in Envigado and has everything to make the leap to the international level.

For now, the trident of youngsters will have to continue with their high level of play. Taking into account that there are several interested in taking them to soccer abroad.

Ruiz and Mier have been among the most outstanding figures in the league and will surely be the protagonists of the year-end home runs in the Betplay League.

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