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by | Aug 25, 2022

There is not even an agreement in principle for the goalkeeper to continue in 2023
A lot of affection between América and Guillermo Ochoa, but this could be their last tournament together.

The 37-year-old goalkeeper’s contract expires in a few months and there is not even an agreement in principle to start negotiating the renewal, because, although both parties want to extend the bond, the truth is that the claims are very different.

According to the FOX reporter, Rubén Rodríguez, the azulcrema club does not have a insured goalkeeper for the next tournament, since the negotiations with their starting goalkeeper have become long and infrequent, that is, they have not been able to establish a base for from there begin to work.

Even so, the board takes it easy, but there is a risk that the Mexican goalkeeper will have a better option to play next year, perhaps from the MLS, since the US market would be delighted to have another Mexican soccer idol. in their leagues, even though the recommendations are to refrain from hiring older players.

Ochoa, a star goalkeeper on the ‘Tata’ Martino Mexican National Team, is the 13th goalkeeper in Liga MX according to the Comparisonator app, which compares all players in the same position and determines their ranking based on saves, goals conceded, departures, passes or aerial duels.

Will America and Ochoa go their separate ways in 2023? For now, there is nothing that unites them for the future, but perhaps a successful tournament will help the Eagles prepare a more generous offer.

Guillermo Ochoa cannot guarantee that he will continue in América
The goalkeeper acknowledged that the board has sought him out to renew for two more years.

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