Fitness Data Comparison

Compare fitness data in players & teams


High speed runs & sprints are among the most important parameters in player and team performance investigation. Maximum speed represents the maximum speed of arrival in players. Accelaration time lenght is surely important. Maximal speed is calculated that the player remains in that speed minimum 2 seconds. Covering total distance is relevant to team cohesion, indeed goes parallel to team effort all together.

Our fitness data is collected by Instat through special camera technology set-up inside the stadiums. This is another technological way of data collection beside the GPS technology where players wear special devices to capture performance parameters.

Comparisonator platform includes the following leagues’ fitness data:

  • HNL 1 – Hungary
  • Super Liga – Serbia
  • Romania Super Liga – Romania
  • Czech 1st League – Czech Republic
  • Turkish Super League – Turkiye
  • TFF 1 (80 % Covered) – Turkiye
  • Russian Premier Liga – Russia
  • Russian 1st Division – Russia

Comparisonator – Player – Platform includes following fitness parameters:

  • Total Distance Covered (km)
  • Maximum Speed (km/h)
  • Total Sprint Distance Covered (km)

Comparisonator – Team – Platform includes following fitness parameters:

  • Total Team Distance Covered
  • Total Team Sprint Distance Covered
  • Total Number of Sprints in Team

Platform provides the ability to:

  • Comparing same player to same player/team, match by match, season by season
  • Comparing players/teams to other players/teams, match by match, season by season