Team Comparisonator

Get to know about your local League Stats and compare them with your

recent results as well as track your own performance according to your stats variance


Weekly TEAM KPI (+) vs (-)

Automatically view your teams’ last league match data against other teams in a graphical form

  • Ability to Modify Offensive, Defensive, Duels and Passing parameters in order to view teams different actions
  • Your own team’s last league match data vs league average variables, see other your data against other teams averages
  • Your own team’s average data vs league averages in different parameters
  • Easily understand performance fluctuations current week against league averages in diagrams
  • Comfortably view each players’ minutes vs matches played
    Share all graphics in PDF form with players and coaches


Compare ‘Own performance vs Own performance’

Compare my match to my match; my match to my own season averages, search and find your team, select season, select competition, select particular match/matches, select the parameters you want to compare

  • Your own matches vs own matches
  • Your own matches vs own season averages
  • Your own season vs your own season
  • Figure out “Domestic League match performance vs Champions League”
  • Interpret your team’s progress from one match to another match against your own self
  • Produce analysis content for your team
  • Share pdf reports of your own comparison


    Compare ‘Own performance vs other’

    Compare my match data to other teams; or compare two different teams match by match; season by season, search and find the team, select season, select competition, select particular match/matches, select the parameters you want to compare

    • ‘Own match data vs others’ teams’ match data
    • ‘Own match data vs other teams’ average data
    • Own match data averages to other teams’ average data
    • ‘Offensive parameters vs offense’ – ‘Defensive parameters vs defense’
    • ‘Passing parameters vs passing’ – ‘Duels parameters vs duels’
    • Deep understanding of my match data vs opposition
    • Export data in to your match analysis sessions via PDF reports option

        Teams’ Parameters League

        Glimpse on Teams’ Weekly progress vs Seasonal progress’ in a point table fashion

        Compare weekly team rankings against seasonal rankings in different parameters, perfect point table view of weekly action totals and averages with other teams

            • Follow up on selected teams weekly actions in a point table with other teams
            • Easily spot Increase/decrease in amount or average of the data in more than 100 parameters in sequence
            • Check up teams’ weekly action parameter rankings against all others in the selected league
            • Find out teams’ action amounts ‘weekly league vs season average’
            • Visualize teams’ weekly and seasonal rankings in a league fashion next to each other
            • Form PDF forms of weekly, monthly & seasonal league ranking comparison results, send to coaches & players & sports directors