Comparisonator Platform & SICS Signs Partnership Agreement

by | Jan 24, 2021

Comparisonator & SICS signs partnership agreement in order for SICS to offer Comparisonator services in Italy.
Comparisonator is a football data comparison platform that offers users the ability to compare players & teams in less than 10 seconds with more than 100 parameters in 300 competitions around the world. Coaches, Chief Scouts, sports directors, analysts, and player agencies are able to form comparison graphics & share them with decision-makers & players almost instantly.

SICS has been working for 20 years closely with the most important national and international sports companies by developing and providing innovative services & products that continue to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of the technical staff and the professional clubs. Match Analysis, Planning, and monitoring of the Training sessions finding the simplest and most efficient solutions to offer to customers with great passion is their main goal.

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📊 Comparisonator is the smartest way to compare players and teams in 250 leagues with more than 100 parameters!