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Recruitment Shop Series – U23 LBs & RBs in Top 5 European Leagues 2021/2022 Season

by | May 18, 2022

Comparisonator Recruitment analysis series identifies best U23 Left and Right backs in Top 5 European Leagues in 3 different parameters.

Top 10 highest rated backs were selected based on the following parameters:

-Most chances created
-Most ball recoveries
-Most successful crosses

Comparisonator analysts utilized “Recruitment Shop” feature with below indicators:

  • Age: 17-23
  • Positions: LB & RB
  • Leagues: English Premier League, Spanish LaLiga, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A
  • Minimum Minutes: 750
  • Season: 2021/22 so far

All analysis were based on “Per 90” minutes basis

Most Chances Created

Most Ball Recoveries

Most Successful Crosses

What is Recruitment Shop?

“Recruitment Shop” allows recruiters & scouts to search/list players with one click from any league and any position according to their performance (using artificially intelligent Comparisonator Performance index), height, age, passport country. Player actions can be filtered towards qualities searched for. Out of contract players can be found from more than 300.000 players within the database.

For example decision makers will can list all u21 best centre forwards (or any positions) in Croatia & Serbia (or from 275 competitions), add amount of goals, aerial duels won if looking for a target man from the filter section, or dribbles made if looking for forwards. Very simply detail the position to search to find suitable players.

Selected via Comparisonator machine learning index.
Data Comparisons provided by Comparisonator is for educational purposes only and not intended to be monetized.

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Tarkan Batgun is scouting & match analysis specialist with more than 20 years in football field, worked as a scouting director & head of performance analysis inside clubs, lectured in federations, currently working as the CEO of Comparisonator platform.