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Hurdles & New Solutions in Transfer Industry

by | May 3, 2021

There are many obstacles within the football industry, especially in selecting the best & suitable players during transfer seasons. Here are some of those being answered by Comparisonator users from around the world:

1) Obstacle – Estimating players’ possible performance in another league is a puzzle

Visualising player performance in another league, viewing possible performance versus other players in the same position in another country was impossible up until now.

1.1) Tackle – Rapid Vienna Chief Scout Matthias Ringler

My favourite feature in Comparisonator platform is Virtual Transfer where I can move selected players to Austrian Bundesliga to visualize possible performance. I can follow my target portfolio every week in Comparisonator platform, comparing players to themselves and produce reports in one click.

Matthias Ringler

2) Obstacle – Making simple and correct decision is an art, but inspirations do not come by easily

Playing simple football is the most difficult thing. So as making simple but correct decisions.There are times that Coaches, Sports Directors, Chief Scouts/Scouts receive almost 50 offers a day during the transfer seasons.

2.1) Tackle – LA Galaxy General Manager Dennis Te Kloese

During in-depth analysis and scouting, the Comparisonator platform has been a great tool to make speedy, more accurate, and better decisions.

Dennis Te Kloese

3) Obstacle – Constantly monitoring player or team performance is difficult

Eyes can only view particular players. Not the entire 11 in the game. Data is an important way to separate instances and positions in a way that key decision makers can identify the levels of play or performance.

3.1) Tackle: KV Mechelen Sports Director Tom Caluwe

Using Comparisonator, we monitor the performance of our own players on a weekly, monthly & seasonal basis and compare potential transfers.

Tom Caluwe

4) Obstacle – Not enough time to analyse needs and make correct decisions

Providing easily understandable performance reports to high level decision makers is another important element in order for them to make accurate decisions and understand team dynamics to analyse needs.

4.1) Tackle: Fortuna Sittard President Isitan Gun

Comparisonator platform brings our recruitment team a fantastic speed in order to evaluate transfer data & compare players instantly. On the other hand, our technical staff analyses weekly player & team performance to understand how our team is progressing.

Isitan Gun

5) Obstacle – Analysing whether the target player would fit in the league is a huge puzzle

Selecting the best players is one part of the puzzle while understanding how they would fit in to team and the league is another.

5.1) Tackle: FC Dallas Technical Director André Zanotta

When we want to bring in a player, The Comparisonator helps us envision how’d he’d fit our team and the league. So, it’s another interesting tool that we decided to add and I think it’s going to be very useful. It’s a tool that gives us more information to help us make the final decision. The tool has already helped Dallas pull the trigger on a recent transfer, winger Szabolcs Schön from MTK Budapest FC.

André Zanotta

6) Obstacle – Being objective is not easy

What chief scouts or sports directors analyze might not fit in the minds of head coaches. The best presented idea will prove the most effective opinion to be accepted and it needs to be fairly objective.

6.1) Tackle – KVC Westerloo Chief Scout Niel Cuijvers

Using comparisonator helps us analyzing our own squad’s performances in an objective way on a weekly basis. It’s also a very useful tool for our scouting department in the recruitment of possible new players. The data and graphics give us a clear picture.

Niel Cuijvers

Why did many teams and agencies start using Comparisonator Platform?

The platform was only born last year. More than 40 teams & agencies started using in such short time period. LA Galaxy, KV Mechelen, Rapid Wien, Fortuna Sittard, Westerloo, Besiktas, FC Dallas is only some of them. What makes Comparisonator platform different?

A Complementary Tool

The platform is a complementary product for Instat, Wyscout, Opta or even Stats Bomb users. Data comparison is rather a vertical art. A specialized business. Comparisonator is some what like a calculator, just comparing teams & players.

Fast & Accurate

With just 2-3 clicks, you can produce fantastic comparison graphics and form reports with a format that is ready to share instantly via WhatsApp, email, skype, or zoom in seconds.

Easy to understand & manage player and team data

Easy-to-use solution platform to produce data comparison analysis & no need to be a mathematician.


Comparisonator platform is possibly most cost effective solution in the market.

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Tarkan Batgun is scouting & match analysis specialist with more than 20 years in football field, worked as a scouting director & head of performance analysis inside clubs, lectured in federations, currently working as the CEO of Comparisonator platform.
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