Comparisonator World Starlight Analysis – Part 1 Southeast Europe

by | Dec 21, 2021

Comparisonator platform is starting worldwide scouting analysis in order to identify the best player performances around the world.
“Comparisonator World Starlight Analysis” covers 55 countries, divided into 14 regions. Regions and countries which have close ties to each other and within the same geography are specifically defined and selected.
The unique scouting study will consist of 15 chapters, each chapter will be analysed in 2 parts. In the first analysis, the best players of the region in each position will be determined; gold, silver and bronze 11s will be formed accordingly. In the second analysis, the performances of the top 5 players in each position will be selected & published in 3 different categories.
“Comparisonator World Starlight Analysis”, starting with Southeast Europe, covering Croatia (Prva HNL), Serbia (Super Liga Srbije), Bosnia (Bosnia Premijer Liga), Slovenia (PrvaLiga Slovenije), Montenegro (Montenegro 1. CFL) leagues.
Best players provided from each leagues to the gold, silver and bronze best 11’s of Southeast Europe:

  • 13 players from Croatia (Prva HNL)
  • 13 players from Serbia (Super Liga Srbije)
  • 3 players from Slovenia (PrvaLiga Slovenije)
  • 2 players from Bosnia (Bosnia Premijer Liga)
  • 2 players from Montenegro (Montenegro 1. CFL)

Golden XI of 2021/22 Season So Far

GK: Marko Malenica (Osijek)
LB: Petar Bockaj (Osijek)
CB: Hrvoje Smolcic (Rijeka)
CB: Igor Vujacic (Partizan)
RB: Gergo Lovrencsics (Hajduk Split)
CMF: Guelor Kanga (Red Star Belgrade) CMF: Milos Jojic (Partizan)
LW:Queensy Menig (Partizan)
AMF: Aleksandar Katai (Red Star Belgrade)
RW: Robert Muric (Rijeka)
CF: Ricardo Gomes (Partizan)

Silver XI of 2021/22 Season So Far

GK: Dominik Livakovic (Dinamo Zagreb)
LB: Milan Rodic (Red Star Belgrade)
CB: Dino Peric (Dinamo Zagreb)
CB: Aleksandar Dragovic (Red Star Belgrade)
RB: Ivan Tomecak (Rijeka),
CMF: Luka Ivanusec (Dinamo Zagreb)
CMF: Josip Misic (Dinamo Zagreb)
LW:Mirko Ivanic (Red Star Belgrade)
AMF: Bibras Natcho (Partizan),
RW: El Fardou Ben (Red Star Belgrade)
CF: Marko Livaja (Hajduk Split)

Bronze XI of 2021/22 Season So Far

GK: David Adam (Koper)
LB: Almir Bekic (Zrinjski)
CB: Mile Skoric (Osijek)
CB: Slobodan Jakovljevic (Zrinjski)
RB: Milan Gajic (Red Star Belgrade)
CMF: Milos Raickovic (Buducnost)
CMF: Blaz Vrhovec (Maribor)
LW:Maks Barisic (Koper)
AMF: Mihajlo Banjac (Backa Topola)
RW: Igor Ivanovic (Buducnost),
CF: Josip Drmic (Rijeka)

Top 5 Players Comparisonator INDEX Leaders

Forwards – Overall INDEX

1-) Queensy Menig (Partizan)
2-) Ricardo Gomes (Partizan)
3-) Robert Muric (Rijeka)
4-) Marko Livaja (Hajduk Split)
5-) Mirko Ivanic (Red Star Belgrade)

Midfielders – Overall INDEX

1-) Aleksandar Katai (Red Star Belgrade)
2-) Bibras Natcho (Partizan)
3-) Milos Jojic (Partizan)
4-) Guelor Kanga (Red Star Belgrade)
5-) Blaz Vrhovec (Maribor)

Defenders – Overall INDEX

1-) Petar Bockaj (Osijek)
2-) Milan Rodic (Red Star Belgrade)
3-) Igor Vujacic (Partizan)
4-) Hrvoje Smolcic (Rijeka)
5-) Aleksandar Dragovic (Red Star Belgrade)

Selected via Comparisonator machine learning index.
Data Comparisons provided by Comparisonator is for educational purposes only and not intended to be monetized.

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Tarkan Batgun is scouting & match analysis specialist with more than 20 years in football field, worked as a scouting director & head of performance analysis inside clubs, lectured in federations, currently working as the CEO of Comparisonator platform.



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