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Comparisonator Virtual Transfer Series #5: In Which Country Paul Pogba Would Deliver the Best Results in Passes to Final Third (FIN3) Compared to DMF’s?

by | May 10, 2022

Ahead of European transfer season, Comparisonator football data comparison platform investigated DMF players in Passes to Final Third (FIN3) and asked a question:

In which country Paul Pogba would deliver the best results compared to DMF’s?

To answer this question, let’s have a look at Comparisonator Virtual Transfer feature: 

Comparisonator data team Virtually Transferred Paul Pogba’s Manchester United performance in Passes to Final Third (FIN3) parameter and compared to other DMFs in Top 5 European Leagues: 

🥇Ranking 1st Compared to DMF’s in EPL – 23.4 Passes to Final Third per 90 min

🥉Ranking 3rd Compared to DMF’s in Serie A / Best FIN3 25.6 – Koopmeiners (Atalanta)

🥈Ranking 2nd Compared to DMF’s in Bundesliga / Best FIN3 31.11 Joshua Kimmich (Bayern Munich)

🥉Ranking 3rd Compared to DMF’s in LaLiga / Best FIN3 26.6 – Parejo (Villarreal)

4️⃣ Ranking 4th Compared to DMF’s in Ligue 1 / Best FIN3 27.4 – Veratti (PSG)

When you click on the below images, they will be opened in a new window in high-res:


Comparisonator Virtual Transfer feature transfers player’s entire data to another league to view him in a ranking table with all other players in the same position. 

This feature helps to observe players’ current league performance data to another league, visualize their parameter rankings head to head within that particular country’s league against players in the same position

Platform users can visualize the player ranking in the selected target league, as he played in that particular league with his current performance.

If a Defensive Midfielder made 23.4 ‘Passes to Final Third’ per 90 minutes in Premier League, how he would rank in ‘Serie A’, comparing his results with other DMFs in the target league.

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Didem Dilmen is a football writer, author and communication expert in sports, working as Director of Communications at Comparisonator.