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Bryan Gil’s Transfer Secrets – LaLiga vs EPL

by | Jul 30, 2021

K. Tarkan Batgün wrote about the transfer trend analysis of Bryan Gil.

The new transfer of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club from LaLiga were analysed based on the Comparisonator’s Viewpoint, Parameters League and Virtual Transfer tools.

From Sevilla to Tottenham. Would Bryan Gil be succesful in the Premier league? We compared him with all LaLiga wingers, analysed Key Performance Indicators and virtually transfered him to the PL.

Comparisonator platforms’ View Point Table – Season averages vs others in the same position

Stats indicate that Bryan Gil is way above in performance, compared to all wingers in the “Attacking Actions” parameter in Spanish La Liga. He makes 16.16 attacking actions per 90 min; 7.69 of them are successful. 

Key Performance Indicators – Bryans’ Rankings vs Other Wingers in LaLiga

It is important to notice that Bryan is the best cross maker with average successful crosses of 2.11 per 90 mins. Bryan is the leading “Succesful Key Pass” maker in LaLiga with a total of 17. 

Comparisonator’s Virtual Transfer – Transfering Bryan’s stats to the Premier League

Selected Offensive stats of Bryan from LaLiga moved to PL – compared to PL’s LW’s 

The very simple exercise allowed us to transfer Bryan’s “Successful Attacking Actions” analysis compared to all Premier League wingers.

As mentioned in the ViewPoint section, the Virtual Transfer table also confirmed he topped this table compared to wingers in the PL. The closest player in this part is Jack Grealish. Bryan’s 7.69 Successful attacking actions mirrored vs Jack is 7.11 per 90 Min. 

Selected Defensive stats of Bryan from LaLiga moved to PL – compared to PL’s LW’s 

Out of 18 LW’s in the PL, Bryan does not rate so high in defence.

Of course, he will be going to Tottenham, and this role of being a defensive winger might not be expected. But it is good to notice that his defensive skills are less than an average LW’s in the UK. 

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Tarkan Batgun is scouting & match analysis specialist with more than 20 years in football field, worked as a scouting director & head of performance analysis inside clubs, lectured in federations, currently working as the CEO of Comparisonator platform.