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Bests of Uruguayan Primera División in 5 Parameters – Apertura / 2022 Season So Far

by | Apr 6, 2022

The Comparisonator team analysed the best players in selected parameters & Best XI of the Uruguayan Primera División in the Apertura / 2022 Season So Far.
The best 5 players ranked in the selected parameters based on the matches played so far this season. These players ranked according to their per 90 min averages. In this analysis, the Comparisonator team used the Parameters League feature of the Platform.
Best XI of Uruguayan Primera División is based on Comparisonator Machine Learning Index.
Please note that all numbers are per 90 min data from the Apertura / 2022 Season So Far.

Ball Recoveries in the Opponent Half

In the Ball Recoveries in the Opponent Half parameter, Camilo Núñez is in the first place with a stat of 3.49 per 90 min. He is followed by Andrés Schetino (3.35) from CA Fénix and Lucas de los Santos (3.25) from Defensor Sporting Club.

Shot Assists

In the Shot Assist parameter, José Álvarez from Montevideo City Torque is leading with 2.69 per 90 minutes. Alex Castro are second with 2.66 Shot Assists per 90 minutes and Pablo González (2.44) from Liverpool FC Montevideo is in third place.

Aerial Duels Won

Andrés Schetino from CA Fénix is the best in the league in this parameter, with 6.46 Aerial Duels Won per 90 minutes. Enzo Borges (6.25) from Club Deportivo Maldonado is in second place and Emanuel Hernández (6.23) from Danubio FC is in third place.

Successful Dribbles

Mateo Barcia is the best player in the league in this parameter, with 9.74 Successful Dribbles per 90 minutes. Liverpool FC Montevideo’s Alan Medina (5.87) is in 2nd place, while Kevin Méndez from Defensor Sporting Club (5.5) is in 3rd place.

Successful Key Passes

In the Successful Key Passes parameter, José Álvarez is in the first place with a stat of 2.16 per 90 min. He is followed by Rodrigo Viega (1.61) from CA Boston River and Manuel Monzeglio (1.46) from Club Nacional.

Uruguayan Primera División
Best XI of the Apertura / 2022 Season So Far

Selected via Comparisonator machine learning index.
Data Comparisons provided by Comparisonator is for educational purposes only and not intended to be monetized.

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Tarkan Batgun is scouting & match analysis specialist with more than 20 years in football field, worked as a scouting director & head of performance analysis inside clubs, lectured in federations, currently working as the CEO of Comparisonator platform.